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Train the Trainer

  • Price £940.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


•Do you need to develop the skills to make you an effective trainer?

•Do you want to be confident that you are meeting the training requirement?

Training is often thought of as being a single event, isolated from business needs – such thinking fails to see the whole picture. Training needs to be a systematic process which begins with analysing the training requirement in the context of business demands, and leads on to designing and delivering appropriate training solutions and evaluating the relevance of the learning to the organisational needs.

This course will introduce you to the training process, guide you through each stage and equip you with the skills to be effective trainers.

You will benefit from this course if you are new to training or if you already have a responsibility for training and want to improve your existing training skills and techniques.


No special entry requirements


By the end of the course you will be able to:
•describe the systematic approach to training and development
•select the appropriate training method taking into account individual learning styles
•design effective learning material
•develop strategies for building rapport and managing group participation
•identify your own personal style as a trainer
•learn how to evaluate training back at the workplace and at an organisational level
•explore the future for training
•consider your own continuous professional development.

Course Content

•Establishing personal objectives for the course.
•Helpful attitudes and values for trainers.
•Key elements in training development.
•Learning retention.
•Multiple intelligences and their application in training.
•The use of visual aids.
•Designing training – the 4MAT system.
•Communication skills for trainers.
•Elements of communication.
•Presentation skills.
•The use of questions and listening in training.
•The use of language in training.
•Managing challenging participants.
•Evaluation of training.
•Delivery of training session and feedback.
•Completion of a personal action plan.

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