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VMware vCloud: Architecting the VMware Cloud

  • Price £1,630.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This course is designed to guide students through the decision points and policy choices available for designing and implementing a VMware vCloud™ environment. Students will learn to appreciate the effects of design choices in VMware vSphere™, VMware vCloud Director, VMware vCenter™ Chargeback, and the VMware® vShield Edge capability that is included with vCloud Director. The course culminates in a comprehensive workshop on VMware cloud design.

Design Labs
The course is built on four design labs. In the final, 6-hour lab, students will design a complete vCloud architecture on either the service provider model or the private enterprise model.

•vCloud architecture network design lab
•vCloud architecture provider design lab
•vCloud architecture security design lab
•vCloud architecture design lab


No special entry requirements


•Evaluate and design a multitenant environment to address both private cloud and public cloud customer needs
•Configure vCloud providers that can accommodate heterogeneous server, storage, and network resources
•Design a network infrastructure optimized for vCloud
•Integrate vCloud Director security with existing LDAP systems and design appropriate security hierarchies with security roles
•Design a vCenter Chargeback implementation

Course Content

Course Introduction
•Introductions and course logistics
•Course objectives

VMware vCloud Director Architecture Review
•vCloud Director prerequisites
•Components of VMware cloud infrastructure
•Logical constructs in vCloud Director
•Cloud architecture fundamentals

VMware vCloud Architecture Models
•Service provider (public cloud) model
•Enterprise (private cloud) model
•Hybrid model
•Management clusters and resource groups
•Load balancing
•Roles and communications in multicell architectures

Designing Networks
•Types of vCloud Director networks
•vCloud Director Network Isolated networks
•vCloud Director network pools
•vCloud Director network management
•vCloud Director network security

Designing Storage
•vCloud storage resources
•Storage tiering
•Segmenting storage based on speed
•Storage leases
•Catalog storage
•Thin provisioning
•VMware Storage vMotion

Designing Providers
•Consumable resources
•Virtual datacenters
•Resource pools
•Organization and provider virtual datacenters
•Providers and networking
•Providers and storage

Designing Organizations
•Organization creation and resource pools in the provider virtual datacenters
•Accessing multiple provider virtual datacenters from one organization
•Organization administrator rights and responsibilities
•Organization networks and external networks

Designing Security
•Authentication and authorization
•Role-based access controls
•Organization administrators
•Organization security and LDAP integration
•Predefined roles
•Custom roles

Designing Chargeback
•Modules of consumption
•vCenter Chargeback metrics
•vCenter Chargeback server configuration
•vCenter Chargeback data collectors

VMware vCloud Architecture Design Review
•Network design
•Storage design
•Provider design
•Organization design
•Security design
•Chargeback design

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