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VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance

  • Price £1,630.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This hands-on training course explores the management of performance in a VMware® vSphere™ environment. It provides the knowledge and skills necessary to make fundamental design decisions that enhance performance and to meet performance goals in an already-deployed vSphere installation. The course is based on ESX 4.0, ESXi 4.0, and vCenter Server 4.0.

Target Audience
System administrators, systems engineers, and consultants responsible for managing the performance of a vSphere installation


This is an advanced course. Required prerequisites include the completion of one of the following:

•Completion of VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
•Completion of VMware vSphere: Fast Track
•Completion of VMware vSphere: What’s New
•Equivalent knowledge and administration experience with ESX/ESXi and vCenter Server
•Experience with working at the command line is highly recommended


•Explain the performance impact of using different monitor modes
•Use vSphere tools to monitor the performance of ESX/ESXi hosts
•Troubleshoot performance problems relating to CPU, memory, network, and storage on an ESX/ESXi host
•Discuss how to achieve an optimal virtual machine configuration
•Discuss guidelines for monitoring application performance

Course Content

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Performance in a Virtualized Environment
•Discuss the vSphere performance troubleshooting methodology
•Monitor performance using vCenter Server performance graphs and the ESX/ESXi resxtop command

Module 3: Virtual Machine Monitor
•Discuss software and hardware virtualization techniques and their impact on performance

Module 4: CPU Performance
•Discuss the CPU scheduler, NUMA, and CPU cache contention
•Monitor key CPU performance metrics
•Troubleshoot common CPU performance problems

Module 5: Memory Performance
•Discuss memory reclamation techniques and memory overcommitment
•Monitor key memory performance metrics
•Troubleshoot common memory performance problems

Module 6: Network Performance
•Discuss the performance features of modern network adapters
•Monitor key network performance metrics
•Troubleshoot common network performance problems

Module 7: Storage Performance
•Discuss how storage protocols, VMFS configuration, load balancing, and queuing affect performance
•Monitor key storage performance metrics
•Troubleshoot common storage performance problems

Module 8: Virtual Machine Performance
•Discuss guidelines for configuring a virtual machine for optimal performance

Module 9: Application Performance
•Discuss what applications can be virtualized
•Discuss how VMware vCenter AppCenter manages application performance

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