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Web Basics Bootcamp

  • Price £995.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


With our proven technical training you can improve your effectiveness, stand out from the crowd and boost your future career potential all in one go.

Learn to harness the power of the worlds leading design packages with one of the UK's longest established Adobe training providers, and benefit from our 15 year track record and wealth of experience.

The Web Basics Bootcamp is targeted at those who are new to Web development and looking to learn the basics of working with HTML, HTML5, CSS, and DreamWeaver.

The course is made up of 5 days of classroom based training which can be completed either at our London centre or your own location. This is then supported and extended by 12 months access to our learning management system containing video tutorials, exercises, sample files and instructor led support forums.


The Web Bootcamp is suitable for anybody who wants to learn to use HTML, HTML5, CSS, and DreamWeaver but has no previous experience.

Assumed Knowledge

This course is a beginners training course. You should however be comfortable using a computer to perform functions such as copy and paste, and opening applications and files. You should also be comfortable using the internet, for example for browsing and interacting with websites.

Course Content

•What is HTML?
•HTML Documents
•HTML Tags
•Tag Attributes & Character References
•Creating Hyperlinks
•Inline Images & Colors
•Introduction to Tables
•Nesting & Embedding Tables

•HTML5 Overview
•Using HTML5 today
•HTML5 Markup
•HTML5 Forms
•HTML5 Offline Applications
•HTML5 Audio and Video
•HTML5 Canvas
•HTML5 Web Sockets
•HTML5 Geolocation
•HTML5 Storage
•Drag and Drop
•Web Workers - asynchronous scripts

•General DreamWeaver Interface
•Exploring Dreamweaver
•Introduction to Website Development
•Site setup
•Basic page markup
•Simple tables
•Lab - Create your own web site
•Site Management
•Page extras
•Inserting video and flash content
•Interactive elements - Spry
•Site Management

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