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Wide Area Application Services

  • Price £2,085.00
  • Duration 5 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Five-day ILT covering the WAAS v4.1 “Davis” product, especially for channel SEs and FEs. WAAS Mobile is also covered. This is a fundamentals course that can stand-alone for knowedge and skill content. It can also be foundational as a prerequisite for more advanced Design and Troubleshooting courses.

Who should attend

Channel Partner / Reseller, Customer, Employee


For WAAS implementation content, CCNA with CCNP strongly recommended; SEs should have CCDA. Background in TCP and exposure to layer 7 protocols also recommended.


See Course Content

Course Content

Cisco Wide-Area Application Services

•Introducing Cisco WAAS
•Understanding WAN Optimization
•Understanding Application Acceleration

Cisco WAAS Quick Start

•Introducing Traffic Interception
•Installing and Configuring Cisco WAAS Using Quick Start

Implementation, Integration, and Management

•Performing an Advanced Cisco WAE Installation and Configuration
•Configuring Traffic Interception
•Implementing Cisco WAAS Central Management
•Configuring Application Traffic Policies
•Configuring Cisco WAAS Virtualization

Cisco WAAS Application Optimizers

•Configuring CIFS Optimization
•Configuring Cisco WAAS Windows Network Printing
•Configuring NFS Optimization
•Configuring HTTP Optimization
•Configuring Streaming Video Optimization
•Configuring MAPI Optimization
•Configuring SSL Optimization

Cisco WAAS Design and Troubleshooting

•Planning a Cisco WAAS Network Design
•Troubleshooting Introduction
•Troubleshooting Network Interception
•Troubleshooting WAN Optimization
•Cisco WAAS Mobile Client Solution
•Installing Cisco WAAS Mobile
•Configuring Cisco WAAS Mobile Options
•Troubleshooting Cisco WAAS Mobile

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