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Color 101: Rookie

Apple Color 101 is a two-day hands-on class room training course designed to familiarise students with Apple’s masterful new Color grading and finishing software. Part of the Final Cut Studio collection, Color 101 is a course that has been created by Apple to gain an industry recognised certification in Apple Color. The class will start with the basics of Color balancing and correction moving on to train on the fine points of secondary grading including scene matching including using vignettes to isolate and track regions, creating advanced Color effects and looks, skin tone adjustments, adjusting the composition and framing of a shot.

This course is designed for existing Final Cut Pro users who want to learn more about the Color correction and grading capabilities of Final Cut Studio. The course is designed for those who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore the functionality.

Assumed Knowledge
Students should ideally meet the following pre-requisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS
Knowledge of Color correction terminology is helpful
Basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro 7 is required. Level One Final Cut Pro End User certification is preferred.
Ideally, students will have attended a Final Cut Pro 101, 102, 200 or 250 Course
*Correcting Contrast and Color Balance
*Navigating the Color Rooms
*Understanding Waveform and Vectorscopes
*Using Trackers
*Working with Vignettes
*Creating Color Effects

  • Course content

    Working with the Color Interface

    Setting Up Your Computer
    Setting Up a Project
    Understanding the Eight Rooms: Color’s Task-Based Workflow
    Navigating Your Sequence
    Exploring the Setup Room
    Applying Basic Grades
    Viewing Your Images
    Performing Secondary Grades
    Employing Color FX
    Applying Final Touches
    Panning and Scanning
    Utilizing Still Stores
    Correcting the Sequence and Introducing the Render Queue Room
    Basic Grading

    Exploring the Primary Room
    Using the Auto Balance Control
    Grading with the Color Balance Controls
    Grading with Curves
    Understanding Additional Controls
    Basic Secondary Grading

    Three Types of Secondaries
    Performing Key-Based Secondaries
    Keying with HSL Qualifiers
    Performing Vignette-Based Secondaries
    Creating a Look
    Secondary Curves
    Advanced Secondary Grading

    Using Multiple Secondaries
    Combining a Key and a Vignette
    Using Multiple Keys
    Creating Custom Mask Shapes
    Combining Vignettes
    Incorporating Curve Effects
    Grade Management

    Managing Grades on a Single Shot
    Switching Between Grades
    Adding and Deleting Grades
    Duplicating a Grade
    Setting the Beauty Grade
    Saving Corrections and Grades
    Deleting Saved Corrections
    Organizing Corrections
    Saving Secondary Corrections
    Saving Grades
    Moving Grades from Clip to Clip
    Dragging Individual Corrections
    Grouping Shots
    Applying Grades to Groups
    Working with Multiple Grades
    Color Effects

    Using the Color Effects Room
    Applying Nodes
    Building Color Effects
    Controlling Node Order
    Monitoring Inactive Nodes
    Adding Nodes to Existing Trees
    Saving and Reapplying Effects as Presets
    Modifying an Applied Preset
    Working with Preset Color Effect
    Common Recipes

    Black Hawk Down/Mogadishu Look
    CSI Miami Look
    Schindler’s List Look
    Flashback Look
    Saturated Sunrise Look
    Skin Diffusion and Beauty Tricks
    Keyframing Effects

    Animating Effects in Color
    Manipulating Keyframes
    Navigating to Keyframes
    Deleting Keyframes
    Keyframing Other Rooms
    Changing Interpolation Settings
    Animating User Shapes
    Adding Intermediary Keyframes
    Keyframing Color Effects
    Recomposing and Tracking

    Using the Geometry Room
    Recomposing Shots
    Animating Pan and Scan Effects
    Applying Tracking Data to Corrections
    Offsetting the Vignette
    Manual Tracking
    Primary Out and Rendering

    Global Changes and Final Tweaks
    Modifying and Replacing Primary Out Room Settings
    Creating a Stylized Look for a Finished Project
    Applying Stylized Primary Out Corrections to Grouped Clips
    Manually Controlling Broadcast-Safe Output
    Adjusting Black Levels
    Limiting the Range of Black Level Adjustments
    Manually Adjusting White, Black and Chroma Levels
    Rendering Color Projects
    Adding Clips to the Render Queue
    Rendering Shots and Sending to Final Cut Pro
    Using Color’s Archive Feature

Duration: 2 days
Level: Introduction
Price: £495.00

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