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Final Cut Pro 300 Hotshot

Final Cut Pro 300 training course is an advanced, hands-on course to help students learn hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques. Learn how to create polished transitions, fix screen direction errors, edit multi-camera projects, work with nested sequences, create fantastic effects use filters creatively and composite like a pro. This training course also covers advanced workflows for managing media and working with film and is a great complimentary training course to the official Apple course: Final Cut Pro 101.

This class will prepare you for the Certified Apple Pro in Final Cut Pro Level 2. The cost of the exam is an additional £100

Certification creates a benchmark to assess your proficiency in a specific Apple Pro application. By taking and passing an exam, you earn Apple Certified Pro status, which allows you to distinguish yourself to colleagues, employers, and prospective clients as a skilled user of the chosen application. Certification gives you a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing job market.

This course is designed for existing Final Cut Pro users who want to increase their skill level through learning advanced features and efficient workflows and who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction. Also desirable are an understanding of the Macintosh operating system and basic computer navigation.

Assumed Knowledge
Students should have the following pre-requisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

Basic knowledge of the Macintosh OS and editing terminology is required, Level 1 Final Cut Pro End User certification is required. Ideally, students will have attended a Final Cut Pro 101, 102, 200 or 250 course.

Asymmetrical Trimming and Advanced Trim edit window techniques
Multicamera Editing
Variable speed and slow-motion techniques
Nesting sequences and rendering settings
Working with filters
Finishing and final output.

  • Course content

    Course Content
    Overview of Editing Basics

    Review of Basic Editing Techniques
    3-point Editing Rule and Track Targeting
    Advanced Editing Techniques

    Smart Clip Loading
    Using Match Frame
    Using Replace Edit and Ganging Playheads
    Trimming Basics
    Basic Rippling

    Basic Rolling
    Extend Edit
    and Splitting Edits
    Advanced Trimming

    Trimming from the Keyboard
    Trim Edit Window
    Dynamic Trimming
    Multi-track Trimming and Asymmetrical Trimming
    Audio Editing

    Adjusting Levels on the Fly
    Adjust Levels Dialog
    Applying Normalization Gain
    Using Audio Filters- sending to Soundtrack Pro
    and Using the Audio Mixer Window
    Multicam Editing

    Basic Multicamera Edits
    Working with Multiple Angles
    Editing Audio and Video Separately
    Collapsing and Un-collapsing Multiclips
    Match-framing Multiclips
    Applying Effects to Multiclips and Multiclips and External Video
    Compositing in Final Cut Pro

    Basic Compositing Review
    Creating Travel Mattes
    Adding Graphics from a Layered Photoshop File
    Keyframing Basics and Keyframing in the timeline
    Mastering Filters

    Customizing Filters
    Understanding Filter Order
    Filter Timing
    Limiting Filter Effects
    Creating Favoirte Filters
    Hiding and showing Filter Controls and Working with Smoothcam
    Nesting Sequences

    Understanding Nested Sequences
    Using Basic Nesting
    Nesting in Place
    Working Around Render Order
    Mixing Sequence Sizes
    Nesting as an Editing Tool
    Nesting Master Filters and Unnesting
    Preparing for Finishing

    Nesting Sequences
    Unnesting Sequences
    Adding Widescreen mattes
    Adding BITC
    Managing Audio Outputs
    Using the Media Manager and Exporting EDLs and XML Files
    Troubleshooting Tips

    Fixing Screen Direction Errors
    Stealing Audio from Another Shot
    and Removing a Boom

    Sharing to Apple Devices
    Sharing to DVD and BluRay
    Sharing for the Web
    Using Compressor
    Outputting Audio
    Exporting Still Frames and Exporting QuickTime Movies

Duration: 3 days
Level: Advanced
Price: £697.00

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