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iOS Security and Deployment

During this two day course you will cover all the skills necessary to deploy and secure iPhones/iPads in business and educational organisations. Which will be learnt via a mixture of theory and hands on and will cover both Apple and third party tools. You will learn how to secure and configure the devices manually as well as creating profiles to automatically secure and configure these services to best match the requirements of iOS.

Responsible for the maintenance, deployment and security of iOS devices.
Would like an overview of solutions available to deploy & secure iOS devices.

Learn how iPhone/iPad fits into the education and corporate space. The course will cover integration with MS Exchange services such as active sync, remote wipe, Microsoft Direct Push services, Microsoft Autodiscovery. We will also look at other network services like VPN services. You will learn how to use Apple Configurator and Profile Manager and will take a look at third party MDM.

  • Course content

    Deploying iPhone, iPod and iPad: Learn how to easily activate a batch of iOS devices, prepare access to network services and enterprise data, determine polices and an overview of over the air enrollment.

    Creating and Deploying Configuration Profiles:

    Learn about Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility. With this tool you will create and edit configuration profiles, install configuration
    profiles as well as update and remove configuration profiles.


    Learn how to deploy iTunes including access to settings which help with the rapid deployment of iPhones and iPads including
    Quick activation mode and implementing iTunes restrictions.

    Device Security:

    Learn about iOS device security layer. This layer of security includes integrated features, methods and functions that prevent unauthorized use of an iOS device. The course will cover all managed settings including Passcode settings, restriction settings, Wi-Fi settings, VPN settings, Email settings, Exchange settings, LDAP servings, Calendar settings, SCEP settings, and advanced settings.

    Data Security

    Learn how iOS devices secure data on the device itself. This layer consists of several integrated features, methods and functions that prevent unauthorised access to this data.

    Network Security

    Learn how iOS devices secure the network over which an iOS device transmits and receives data. This layer consists of several integrated features, methods and functions that prevent unauthorised access to data sent to and from the device.

    App Security

    The next layer of security on iOS secures application data and network credentials. This layer consists of several integrated features, methods and functions that are designed to prevent unauthorised access to data stored on the device. Runtime protection technologies that protect applications and system files.

    Apple Configurator:

    Learn how to implement Apple Configurator. Understand Prepare, Supervise and Assign modes.

    Over the air enrollment:

    Learn how the the iPhone supports over the air enrollment and configuration. Understand what technologies and required for this service.

    Deploying Applications:

    Understand how to deploy applications to your end users including native and web applications.

    Third Party Products:

    Finally the course with discuss and compare third party solutions for deployment on iPhones and iPads including AirWatch.

    Supporting iOS:

    Learn how to effectively support and troubleshoot iOS.

Duration: 2 days
Price: £597.00

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