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What’s Involved in Developing iOS Apps

The prospect of starting development of an iPhone/iPad application can be very daunting. The sort of questions we always get asked include:

– Where do I start?
– What resources do I need?
– What skills set do I need? etc

If you are responsible for gathering a new development team, or maybe you are the one who will be developing an app but need some help in getting the project of the ground this course is ideal for you.

This one day course will teach you how to plan and manage your project. It will cover everything you need to know, from what skill sets are required, creating technical briefs, what is and is not possible, the design and coding phases, testing and finally deployment of your application. While not covering how to actually code it will give you a high level overview of what’s involved.

If you are the project manager or are responsible for putting a development team together
Anyone who is thinking of developing an app for their business and needs a place to start

  • Course content

    Learn about the different iOS devices and their capabilities
    Understand the differences between different iterations of the iOS operating system
    Learn about the different Apple Developer programs
    Learn about the different types of applications that can be developed including their pros and cons
    An overview of Apple’s Development tools
    The equipment list required to start developing
    Understand the key skills set required to develop an iOS application
    Understand which back office systems you can integrate with
    Understand which web based systems you can integrate with
    How to plan your application including: Creating a detailed specification on the features required
    How to wireframe your application
    Design: Understand what assets are required for you application as well as what tools are available to create your unique look and feel
    Understand the coding process
    How to handle the test and bug fixing stage
    How to deploy your finished application

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