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Adobe InDesign CS5 Level 2


You will use the advanced features of Adobe InDesign CS5 to create and design content for the web and print.

Target Audience: This course is intended for students who want to expand their entry-level knowledge of Adobe InDesign by using advanced features and collaboration tools.


•Attendance of Adobe InDesign CS5 Level 1 course: ADIDCS5L1 (or equivalent knowledge)
•Familiarity with other Adobe software applications is helpful, but not mandatory.


Delegates will learn how to:

•Handle page elements
•Manage styles
•Develop complex paths
•Import and export data to external files
•Work with XML files
•Create dynamic documents
•Manage long documents
•Export InDesign files to other formats
•Adjust print settings

  • Course content

    Lesson 1: Handling Page Elements

    •Topic 1A: Create Duplicate Items
    •Topic 1B: Handle Text Layouts
    •Topic 1C: Create Transparency
    •Topic 1D: Create Anchored Objects
    •Topic 1E: Manage a Library

    Lesson 2: Managing Styles

    •Topic 2A: Import Styles from Microsoft Word Documents
    •Topic 2B: Create Nested Styles
    •Topic 2C: Create Related Styles
    •Topic 2D: Apply Styles in a Sequence
    •Topic 2E: Manage Style Overrides
    •Topic 2F: Redefine Styles
    •Topic 2G: Break the Link to Styles

    Lesson 3: Developing Complex Paths

    •Topic 3A: Create Bézier Paths
    •Topic 3B: Create Clipping Paths
    •Topic 3C: Create Compound Paths
    •Topic 3D: Create Type Outlines

    Lesson 4: Administering External Files

    •Topic 4A: Import Layered Files
    •Topic 4B: Merge Data

    Lesson 5: Working with an XML File

    •Topic 5A: Integrate XML Content into a Document
    •Topic 5B: Import XML Content
    •Topic 5C: Create a Snippet

    Lesson 6: Creating Dynamic Documents

    •Topic 6A: Create Interactive Documents
    •Topic 6B: Insert Footnotes
    •Topic 6C: Insert Text Variables
    •Topic 6D: Create Text Conditions
    •Topic 6E: Create Document Sections

    Lesson 7: Managing Long Documents

    •Topic 7A: Create a Book
    •Topic 7B: Create a Table of Contents
    •Topic 7C: Create Hyperlinks
    •Topic 7D: Create Cross-References
    •Topic 7E: Generate an Index

    Lesson 8: Exporting InDesign Files in Other Formats

    •Topic 8A: Export PDF Files
    •Topic 8B: Export Files for the Web
    •Topic 8C: Export Files for Animation

    Lesson 9: Adjusting Print Settings

    •Topic 9A: Manage Colors
    •Topic 9B: Preview the Print Output
    •Topic 9C: Create Print Presets

    Appendix A: Authoring Documents

    Appendix B: Organizing Assets Using Adobe Bridge

    Appendix C: New Features in Adobe InDesign CS5

Duration: 1 day
Price: £295.00

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