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Creating Digital Content


Many companies are facing a demand for creating digital products – especially for consumption on the new generation of consumer products, like tablets and smart phones.

People traditionally working in mediums like Print and Design, who do not have experience in digital workflows, are finding that creating digital products using their existing skills is extremely difficult. The number of workflows, skills sets, training needed, software and deployment possibilities can be complicated and hard to explore.

Mistakes in choosing the wrong workflow or technology can be very costly – especially when people sometimes only realise this after paying for training and trying to implement the solution.


This course is designed for anyone who needs to create digital products. It will take you through all of the possibilities, and explain the pros and cons. It will also explain all the options you have regarding what can and cannot be achieved without relying on scripting or programming. It will talk about solutions from Adobe, and include packages such as InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, PhoneGap and more.

It will explain HTML5 and make you aware of the role it plays in future design, web, print and interactive products. Also, other solutions from companies like JQuery and Sencha will be discussed as well. It will be your chance to get access to specialist advice to plan training, and also see how you can use any existing skills and see what can be produced with them.

Throughout the course there will be an opportunity for people to have a Q+A, and explain the type of work needed, and get advice on possible solutions using existing skills where possible, and what they would need to learn and software they would need to use to realise this.

Assumed Knowledge

Anyone of any experience can attend this course, including designers, creative professionals, management, marketing etc. Some Adobe software will be discussed, so it is assumed you are aware of the Creative Suite’s design applications like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash. You do not need to know how to use this software, but it is good to have an idea of how your company may use this software, especially if you work in print.


An overview of moving from Print to Digital.

  • Course content

    From Print to Digital

    • creating a USP in the digital market
    • converting print content to work in digital world
    • the role of multimedia
    • problems with certain genres of print
    • case studies on some companies who’ve made the transition
    • possible digital products for print Tablets
    • explanation of emerging markets
    • the types of content available
    • designing content for these products
    • the difference touch makes in contrast to using a mouse
    • the role of ePUB, Apps and Web

    Smart Phones

    • how people use their devices personally and professionally
    • types of information needed when on the move
    • the difference in design of digital products between Tablet and Phone

    Possible platforms for content*

    • HTML5
    • web content
    • web apps
    • native apps
    • ePUB
    • PDF – does this work?
    • XML
    • presentations


    • what is HTML5?
    • what can CSS3 do?
    • what can Javascript do?
    • typography
    • video and audio
    • animation in 2D and 3D
    • canvas?
    • new type of web-apps and design
    • responsive Web Design
    • why Mobile Sites are NOT the solution for web content
    • uses of HTML 5
    • Flash – can I use it?
    • is Web content the solution?


    • what is ePUB?
    • devices that use ePUB
    • ePUB2 and ePUB3
    • HTML, CSS
    • video and audio
    • flowed vs fixed layout
    • iBooks and iBook Author
    • is ePUB the solution?

    Web Apps

    • what is a web app?
    • how are they made?
    • can they only work online?
    • pros and cons

    Native Apps

    • benefits of native apps
    • how to create them
    • Apple solutions
    • Adobe solutions
    • Blackberry solutions
    • Microsoft Solutions
    • pros and cons – cross-platform
    • is it expensive?
    • do you need to be a developer?
    • code free solutions
    • HTML 5?
    • Flash and Actionscript??
    • is an App the solution?

    Creating content with InDesign

    • what can I create with InDesign?
    • interactive PDF
    • Flash Content?
    • Digital Publishing Suite – Apps?
    • costs of DPS
    • XML solutions
    • ePUB
    • differences between 5, 5.5 and 6
    • HTML content?
    • using Indesign with web/CMS
    • scripting solutions and plugins


    • what is PhoneGap?
    • can I use HTML to create apps?
    • do I need to use Adobe products?
    • what devices support this?
    • a cross platform solution?

    Flash and Flex

    • can I still use flash content?
    • what is Flex?
    • what is AIR?
    • making cross platform apps using AIR
    • types of apps flash is good for?
    • is this the solution?

    HTML5 Frameworks

    • what is JQuery Mobile?
    • what is Sencha?
    • uses of their products
    • are they free?
    • using them with PhoneGap
    • using them with web content
    • making HTML5 work on older browsers
    • Modernizr and its uses


    • what do I use DW for?
    • mobile app development?
    • PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile
    • is it code free?
    • is this a good solution?

    Other Adobe Products

    • Muse
    • Edge
    • Wallaby
    • CreateJS


    • when to use video and audio
    • ways to prepare this content
    • software – free and paid
    • MP4 and H.64, AAC, MP3
    • equipment and costs

    What can I create Code Free?

    • software you can use
    • limitations
    • prototyping software
    • XCode and Storyboards

    What is programming and coding?

    • do I need to learn coding?
    • can I learn this skill?
    • HTML, CSS
    • Javascript
    • Java and Android
    • C, C++
    • Objective C and Apple

Duration: 1 day
Level: Introduction
Price: £397.00

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