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Digital Art Jumpstart : Zero to Hero

Have you ever wondered about how heroes, villains and monsters are created for film, television, computer games and advertising? Or how amazing sceneries and landscapes created for movies like Lord of the Rings or Avatar? For every game and movie there is a team of digital artists, who spend months on drawing and painting conceptual art before the actual development or filming starts. These digital artists paint mainly on the computer using a digital tablet, which let them to unleash their bravest and most vivid fantasies for the productions they work on and inspire everyone else in the team.
This 4-day course will change your life and turn you into a digital artist. Beware, there is no way back! Once you feel the bursting colours and awe-inspiring forms coming to life on the digital canvas from your brush you will find yourself in the amazing world of digital art and you will never want to leave.

Everyone interested in digital painting, matte paintings, concept art, sketching in Photoshop. Everyone interested in the digital art industry for computer games and movies.

Assumed Knowledge
You will be able to use Adobe Photoshop at intermediate level.

The core competencies on digital art so that you can confidently deliver digital conceptual arts for clients in the film, television, advertising and computer game industries.

  • Course content

    1. day: Basics to become a Digital artist

    using a digital tablet, painting on a digital canvas. The course trainer will use a Wacom Cintiq tablet.
    A quick overview of necessary Photoshop skills, working with layers, selections, blend modes and masking)
    painting with Photoshop (learning the brush engine, creating customised brushes and adding brushes to your ‘brush library’)
    Getting inspiration from famous digital artists and their work
    Basic overview on drawing techniques and industry tricks for doing quick and effective drawings.
    Drawing the human figure, basics of human anatomy, designing female and male characters, and expanding this knowledge to create ‘super’ heroes (for example Marvel characters like ‘Spiderman’ and ‘The Fantastic Four’ )
    Creating quick sketches to capture ideas and play with composition and form
    Learn how to draw fast and economic drawings through a short storyboarding exercise to learn fast drawing and think about composition and the visual language of cinema art.
    More advanced digital drawing : Creating dynamic compositions ,through staging, lighting, colours, perspective, style, genres, anatomy, etc)
    2. day: Sketching and Colouring

    Begin thinking about a character design and environment for a mood ‘poster’ which sells your concept.

    A series of exercises learning how to paint : different skin textures, hair, reflections, glass surfaces eyes, metal, environments, clouds, simulating camera depth of field, etc through practical examples.
    Developing a composition for your ‘poster’ image.
    Modifying and preparing sketches for colouring
    lay out the colour scheme of the image
    3. day: The Devil is in the details.

    working on particular elements of an image:
    finalising the coloured ‘poster’ sketch from day 2
    4. day: Matte painting and concept art

    using textures and photographic elements to build a scene for a movie or a computer game, advancing from the ‘poster’ image created in day 3.
    Overview of creating matte paintings in After Effects. (Some students may wish to create a scene from artwork generated during the course in After Effects, others may continue with their digital compositions)
    Finally, final discussions on the advanced development of the Poster for a hero, a villain and a monster character for a movie or a computer game. Discussions on alternative compositions, and a round up of skills learned and discussions on further development by reviewing artwork created during the course.

Duration: 4 days
Level: Introduction to Advanced
Price: £797.00

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