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Digital Publishing Suite: 101 Rookie


Whether you’re neck-deep in planning your digital publishing initiative or still wondering how to get started, Academy Class can help. Get comfortable with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite for publishing to the iPad or other tablets.

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite pulls all the pieces together so you can create interactive, immersive, hard-to-put-down tablet publications to draw in new readers and hang onto old ones


Those wanting to add rich interactive features to their content for conversion through the Adobe DPS system for global distribution onto the iPad (iOS) and other tablet devices (Android).

Alternatively, those wanting to create visuals/presentations into the Adobe Content Viewer integrated with the free Adobe cloud onto iPad and Android tablets

Assumed Knowledge

Professionals who are already experienced in Adobe InDesign or have taken the Academy Class InDesign 101 class.


  • DPS Workflow
  • DPS v’s print v’s ePUB
  • DPS InDesign tools
  • Layout considerations
  • Structuring your document
  • Adding interactivity
  • Web viewer
  • Digital content viewer

  • Course content

    The Different Streams of Digital Publishing

    • Interactive PDF
    • HTML
    • EPUB
    • Adobe DPS

    DPS Workflows and InDesign

    • Panel setup and workspaces
    • Document Intent
    • Creating layouts
    • “Safe” areas
    • Screen colours
    • Orientation
    • Generating alternate layouts
    • Liquid layouts
    • Renditions workflows

    Adding Interaction

    • The concept of an overlay
    • Superoverlays
    • Taps and swipes
    • Hyperlinks
    • Multi-state objects
    • Slideshows
    • tabs and trays
    • Image sequences
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Panoramas
    • Web content
    • Pan & Zoom
    • Scrollable frames
    • Buttons
    • Actions

    More Web Content

    • Google maps
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Just enough HTML
    • Fallback content

    Adobe Edge basics for DPS

    • Interface basics
    • Publish setings
    • OAM format
    • Working with the timeline
    • Keyframes and autokeyframes
    • Easing
    • Deployment in DPS

    Which DPS is Right for Me?

    • Single edition
    • Professional edition
    • Enterprise edition

    Creating Your Folio

    • Adding articles
    • Article properties
    • Importing articles
    • Sharing articles between publications
    • Directory structures
    • Creating navigation
    • Previewing on the desktop
    • Previewing o your iPad
    • Sharing folios
    • Updating articles and folios

    Creating and Distributing Your App

    • Content guidelines
    • Quality notes
    • The process revealed
    • Analytics

Duration: 2 days
Level: Introduction
Price: £497.00

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