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InDesign 201 Green Belt


Imagine understanding how to use InDesign’s advanced features will revolutionise the way you work. Take your InDesign skills to the next level.

This class provides the InDesign user the ability to hone their skills and move their knowledge of Adobe InDesign to an advanced level. Using the skills learned in the InDesign 101 class, students will create complex documents and work with a variety of palettes and tools to further understand the capabilities of this high-end design application. There will be ample time in class to practice and apply what you’ve learned so you can confidently return to work and start to use your new skills right away

On this course you’ll not just improve your working methods, you’ll also be recognised for this improvement with the ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) qualification.


Graphic professionals using Adobe InDesign who need an essential understanding of workflow process using InCopy with an emphasis on real-world issues and collaborative editorial production.

We also recommend this course for those planning to obtain the Adobe Certified Expert status at a later stage in their development.

Assumed Knowledge

Graphic professionals who are already experienced in Adobe InDesign or have taken the Academy Class Indesign 101 class and want more in-depth knowledge of the application and the management of complex documents.


Advanced knowledge of how to work with Indesign.

  • Advanced Pen Tool Tricks
  • Managing Long Documents
  • Working with Libraries
  • Creating Indexes
  • Adding a Table of Contents
  • Adding XML Structure
  • Export to PDF
  • Adding and Editing Scripts
  • Advanced Text Flow

  • Course content

    Advanced management techniques
    • Using multiple views
    • Dragging items between documents

    Page Layout
    • Creating foldouts with ‘Page re-shuffle’
    • Using Alternate Layouts
    • CS6 Page tool techniques
    • Liquid layout controls

    Advanced Type management
    • ‘Inline graphics’
    • Anchored objects
    • Adding type to vector paths
    • Creating an index
    • Creating a table of contents
    • Hanging indent styles
    • Ruled styles
    • Bulleted styles
    • Span and split styles
    • CS6 variable column controls
    • Text flow import options
    • Adding footnotes
    • Adding ‘story jumps’
    • Searching with GREPS
    • Using the Scripts window

    Working with Tables
    • Creating tables in InDesign
    • Saving table and cell styles
    • Importing tables from Excel and Word
    • Relinking edited table data

    Advanced image options
    • The Content Conveyor tool
    • Relinking edited images
    • Using Layers
    PSD import options
    • Adding a spot varnish
    • Creating an RGB to CMYK workflow

    • Mastering the Pen tool
    • Pen tool shortcuts
    • Compound paths
    • Using the Pathfinder window
    • Aligning objects

    • What is XML?
    • Mapping XML tags to Paragraph Styles
    • Importing an XML file

    Interactive InDesign
    • Bookmarks and hyperlinks
    URL and email links
    • Creating buttons
    • Creating a ‘slideshow’
    • Adding movies
    • Adding sounds
    • Animation in InDesign

    Importing and Exporting
    • Editing InDesign PDF presets
    • Saving documents in IDML format
    • Checking colour separations in Acrobat
    • Transparency flattening options
    • Customising Preflight settings

Duration: 3 days
Level: Intermediate
Price: £697.00

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