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InDesign to iPad Rookie

The Adobe DPS workflow uses a set of plug-in to InDesign that are constantly being updated. You will be trained on the workflow and features of the latest upgrade to these tools.

This course is for those who already use InDesign but want to learn how to create and set up documents with interactivity for publishing to iPad/Android tablets or phones. It explores how to create documents and alternative layouts for different devices using liquid layout rules and auto frame resizing for both text and image frames. Over two days you will create a folio of articles showing all the forms of interactivity possible and be able to test them either on the desktop or directly to a tablet device. These will include slideshows, interactive buttons, scrolling frames, pan and zoom, hyperlinks, web content, HTML 5 content, HMTL import, movies, audio, image sequences and panoramas. Users will also generate the icons needed for the application and be shown the full workflow through to creating a finished application.

Anyone with InDesign CS6 via the creative Cloud can now create unlimited Applications for use on an iPad or to be delivered via the Apple or Google store. This opens up a new and emerging publishing avenue for any InDesign user and companies wishing to publish to tablet devices using InDesign.

Assumed Knowledge
A good working knowledge of InDesign but experience with CS6 in particular is not vital as we will teach you essential features of this version during the course.

Tablet for Testing and Adobe ID
Users should bring their own tablet devices if they want to test their work directly to these, as opposed to just the desktop. It is vital they also bring the USB cable they have for connecting their tablet to a computer. They will need to download the free Adobe Content Viewer Application from the iTunes or Google store on to their tablet before attending the course. Prior to attending each user will need set up an free Adobe ID on the Adobe web site (if they have not already got one). Delegates will need to key in their Adobe ID email address and password as part of the course).

Preparing files for tablet publishing.
Setting up page templates and preferences for tablets.
Creating Alternative layouts using Liquid Layout rules.
Linking frames across alternative layouts.
Naming and organising files and renditions.
Previewing files on the desktop and direct to tablet.
How to create slideshow activated by the user or controlled by buttons.
Creating scrolling frames’
Using pinch and zoom on pages and on objects.
Designing pull-out tabs
Using hyperlinks to navigate to other articles, web pages or generate emails.
Bring web content and web widgets into frames.
Use HTML animation on a page.
Place video and audio files.
Using customised audio progress icons
Cut up panoramas into images to create 360 rotations.
Create an image sequence using Photoshop timelines.
Set up an image sequence on a page.
Introduce Google map or uTube HTML to render on a layout.
Output al the icons needed for the application from a Photoshop template file.
Create a fully working folio.
Add metadata to the folio.
Learn how to share a folio.
Create an application from a folio (subject to having the right Adobe and Apple certification information)

  • Course content

    Module 1: Preparing InDesign files for tablet publishing
    Module 2: Working with slideshows and buttons.
    Module 3: Setting up scrollable frames and pan and zoom.
    Module 4. Creating with hyperlinks and bringing in web content or web widgets.
    Module 5. Placing movie and audio files
    Module 6: Creating and setting up panoramas.
    Module 7: Creating and setting up image sequences
    Module 8: Placing HTML directly onto pages and using HTML5 animation
    Module 9: Creating a folio and adding meta data.
    Module 10: Sharing a folio, creating an application from a folio

Duration: 2 days
Level: Intermediate
Price: £497.00

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