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Premiere Pro Certification Jumpstart

The most intense and in-depth Adobe Premiere Pro training course of its kind in the UK

Immerse yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn Adobe Premiere Pro from beginners to an advanced level and Get Certified by Adobe by taking the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) and Expert (ACE) in Premiere Pro

The Premiere Pro Training Certification Jumpstart training package includes the entire curriculum for total immersion into Adobe Premiere Pro. The Premiere Pro Certification Jumpstart package is a training program that features a combination of 2 Adobe Premiere Pro training courses for a discounted price. The package does not have a schedule of its own. Each class is scheduled separately and can be taken over a year’s period so you can take the classes as quickly or as slowly as you desire.

This package is made up from

Adobe Premiere Pro ACA Jumpstart
Adobe Premiere Pro 201 HotShot

Don’t just learn Premiere– get recognized for the knowledge you’ve learned.

Get Certified

Whatever your career path, proven Adobe software expertise will keep you ahead of the curve and help you develop a solid competitive advantage in today’s complex marketplace.

Adobe certifications are a reliable validation of your skills and knowledge, and can lead to accelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility in your field.

(The exam is not taken in class but at a later date and is included in the price)

Delegates who need to know the basics right through to the advanced features of Adobe Premiere Pro and countless tips and techniques to help them become more productive with its new features. This course is for individuals who wish to learn how to edit videos to be used on a number of different platforms, including web and DVD. Amateurs with an interest in video editing will also benefit from attending this course.
The class will also prepare you for Adobe certification which is included as part of the training package

Assumed Knowledge
No previous video editing knowledge/experience is required to complete this course. However, basic computer skills are necessary

• Navigating inside Premiere
• Understanding the tools
• Organising projects
• Creating and refining rough cuts
• Multipoint editing
• Transitions
• Working with audio
• Creating titles and credits
• Video effects
• Basic colour correction
• Outputting video
• Colour Correction
• Advanced Effects
• Compositing
• Keying
• Advanced Audio
• Multicam Projects
• Adobe Media Encoder
• Encore
• Integration with Photoshop and After Effects
• Dynamic Link

You’ll also be prepared for and take both the Premiere Pro Adobe Certified Associate and Expert Exams

  • Course content

    Understanding Premiere

    • System specifications
    • Tapeless workflow
    • Welcome window
    • Render files


    • Creating bins
    • Using labels
    • Exploring workspaces
    • Importing media

    Sequencing and Editing

    • Understanding the timeline
    • Using the Project panel to develop a sequence
    • Automate to Sequence command
    • Understanding the Source and Program Monitors
    • Creating a rough cut
    • Refining a rough cut
    • Using the Source Monitor to set in/out points
    • Performing Insert and Overlay edits
    • Using subclips
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Using the Ripple, Slide, Slip and Razor tools
    • Adding J – L cuts


    • Understanding Cutaways
    • Inserting a cutaway
    • Refining

    Working with Audio

    • Fixing audio issues
    • Mono/Stereo
    • Adding a background music
    • Audio transitions
    • Fade in/out


    • Understanding transitions
    • Inserting a transition
    • Changing the attributes of transitions
    • Previewing
    • Different uses of transitions

    Multipoint Editing

    • Understanding three-point and four-point editing
    • Performing different types of edits
    • Effective uses of a three-point edit
    • Linking/Unlinking clips
    • Handling unsynchronized clips
    • Track targeting

    Titles and Credits

    • Creating a simple title
    • Rolling/Crawling titles
    • Adding titles to the timeline

    Colour Correction

    • Understanding Levels
    • Using Curves
    • Three-way Colour Corrector

    Creative Techniques

    • Basic compositing
    • Clip motion
    • Split screen


    • Exporting a sequence
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder

    Handling Different Frame Rates

    • Overcranking
    • Undercranking
    • Creating time-lapses
    • Using pan/scan in your video

    Multicam Editing

    • Understanding the multicam concept
    • Setting up the shooting environment
    • Syncing clips
    • Cutting a multicam sequence on the fly

    Colour Correction

    • Understanding colour
    • Working with scopes
    • Levels
    • Primary/Secondary colour correction
    • Using the three-way colour corrector
    • Creating a cinematic look
    • Changing the “feel” of a shot
    • Creating a vignette

    Mastering Effects

    • Creating a lens flare
    • Changing time
    • Creating custom transitions
    • Lighting Effects


    • Changing the opacity level
    • Working with keyframes
    • Creating a split screen
    • Different blending modes
    • Nesting


    • Creating a garbage matte
    • Colour keying
    • Ultra Key
    • Working with alpha channels

    Advanced Audio

    • Unlinking audio from its source video
    • Using L and J cuts
    • Recording narrations
    • Audio effects
    • Keyframing audio
    • Fixing audio issues

    Integration with other Adobe Creative Suite products

    • Using Photoshop
    • Adding After Effects compositions to Premiere
    • Using Dynamic Link


    • Understanding different file formats
    • Exporting the sequence
    • Exporting audio
    • Adding multiple sequences to the export queue
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder
    • Authoring with Encore

    Moving Beyond Premiere

    • Establishing a shot
    • Continuity editing
    • Matching action
    • Understanding the 180 degree rule

Duration: 5 days
Level: Introduction to Advanced
Price: £1497.00

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