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Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Citrix Gateway

In this Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Citrix Gateway course you will learn the skills required to configure and manage Citrix Gateway features. At the end of the course, students will be able to configure their Citrix Gateway environments to address remote access requirements for Apps and Desktops.

Target Audience

Built for IT Professionals working with Citrix Gateway, with little or no previous Citrix Gateway experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to deploy or manage Citrix Gateway environments.


In order for you to be able to fully complete your labs it is required for learners to have a valid email account and a mobile phone on which you can install an authenticator app on in order to activate Multifactor Authentication. please note, you will not be asked to submit your email address and your email address will be used for no other purpose than activation of the Multifactor Authentication.

Citrix course materials are only available to delegates in e-courseware format. Delegates will be provided with instructions on how to access their e-courseware on day one of the event. Those delegates who are attending via either virtual or extended classroom will be required to provide either three monitors (to view courseware, labs and instructor demos simultaneously) or two monitors and a mobile device. Delegates will be required to have an active TCC ( account in order to access course materials and labs. Please set up Your TCC account up in advance of the course using the following link:

Please note: It is highly recommended that the delegate uses a personal email address (rather than company email) to set up their TCC account.

Should you encounter any issues in setting up your TCC account please ensure that you raise this directly with Citrix in advance of your event by visiting then on the home page click, Help, then select Classroom Support, and submit a Critical or High priority request notifying Citrix of the course start date.

Technical pre-requisites

This Implement Citrix ADC 13.x with Citrix Gateway course requires little to no previous experience with Citrix ADC; however, Citrix recommends a basic understanding of TCP/IP, HTTP, the OSI model, network devices, and networking protocols.

Delegates will learn how to:

Configure Authentication and Authorization
Define End User Access and Experience
Integrate Citrix Gateway with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and additional resources
Employ recommended tools and techniques to troubleshoot common Citrix Gateway network and connectivity issues

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  • Course content

    Module 1: Citrix Gateway

    Introduction to Citrix Gateway
    Advantages and Utilities of Citrix Gateway
    Citrix Gateway Configuration
    Common Deployments

    Module 2: AppExpert Expressions

    Introduction to AppExpert Policies
    Default Policies
    Explore Citrix ADC Gateway Policies
    Policy Bind Points
    Using AppExpert with Citrix Gateway

    Module 3: Authentication, Authorization, and Secure Web Gateway

    Authentication and Authorization
    Multi-Factor Authentication
    nFactor Visualizer
    SAML authentication

    Module 4: Managing Client Connections

    Introduction to Client Connections
    Session Policies and Profiles
    Pre and Post Authentication Policies
    Citrix Gateway Deployment Options
    Managing User Sessions

    Module 5: Integration for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

    Virtual Apps and Desktop Integration
    Citrix Gateway Integration
    Citrix Gateway WebFront
    ICA Proxy
    Clientless Access and Workspace App
    Access Fallback
    SmartControl and SmartAccess for ICA

    Module 6: Configuring Citrix Gateway

    Working with Apps on Citrix Gateway
    RDP Proxy
    Portal Themes and EULA

Duration: 2 days
Level: Intermediate
Price: £2040 + VAT

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