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CompTIA Cloud+ Certification (CV0-002)

Learn how to protect cloud resources in a vendor-neutral environment. CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to analyze, select, monitor, and protect cloud resources in a vendor-neutral format.  This includes vulnerability management, network reconnaissance and monitoring, connecting networks to clouds, cloud migration, secure policies and procedures, host and network security, identity management systems, and incident response. This course maps to the CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-002 certification exam. Objective coverage is marked throughout the course.

Target Audience

Customers interested in learning about analyzing, monitoring or protecting cloud resources and who are working with the cloud.

Learning Objectives

  • About planning and deployment of a successful cloud system, how to view cloud deployment models and their network interactions, and how to evaluate computer resources required for successful cloud implementation
  • How to test an environment before cloud deployment and how to migrate and integrate cloud services
  • About security controls and about cryptography and its uses
  • About data security and how to use security automation tools and techniques
  • About cloud updates and patching, about cloud backup, and how to schedule and perform cloud maintenance
  • About disaster planning and recovery
  • About cloud resource provisioning and how to run performance analyses
  • How to allocate compute resources and monitor resource usage
  • About the troubleshooting process, about deployment and capacity troubleshooting, and how to troubleshoot automation issues
  • How to troubleshoot network issues and about security troubleshooting


This course assumes that students have some applied knowledge of computers, networks, and cybersecurity principles. Knowledge equivalent to the CompTIA Security+ certification is helpful but not necessary.

  • Course content


    Course setup

    Chapter 1: Virtualization requirements

    • Module A: Requirements and planning for successful system deployment
    • Module B: Virtual network considerations
    • Module C: Computer resources

    Chapter 2: Deployment and migration

    • Module A: Environment testing techniques
    • Module B: Cloud integration and migration

    Chapter 3: Security policies and compliance

    • Module A: Security controls
    • Module B: Cryptography and the cloud
    • Module C: Applying cryptography

    Chapter 4: Data and environment security

    • Module A: Data security
    • Module B: Security automation

    Chapter 5: Environment maintenance

    • Module A: Cloud updates and patching
    • Module B: Cloud backup
    • Module C: Cloud environment maintenance

    Chapter 6: Disaster recovery and business continuity

    • Module A: Business continuity

    Chapter 7: Managing virtual environments

    • Module A: Cloud resource provisioning
    • Module B: Performance analysis

    Chapter 8: Managing compute resources

    • Module A: Allocating compute resources
    • Module B: Monitoring resource usage

    Chapter 9: Deployment troubleshooting

    • Module A: The troubleshooting process
    • Module B: Deployment and capacity troubleshooting
    • Module C: Automation troubleshooting

    Chapter 10: Infrastructure troubleshooting

    • Module A: Network troubleshooting
    • Module B: Security troubleshooting

    Lab Topics Include:

    • Creating VMs and virtual networks
    • Demonstrating network isolation
    • Migrating VMs from a cloud provider
    • Enabling authentication and authorization controls
    • Encrypting virtual disks and storage containers
    • Configuring backup and recovery options
    • Setting up redundancy and high availability options
    • Creating and configuring web applications

Duration: 5 days
Price: £2295 + VAT

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