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ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

Special Notice: This course includes submission of assignments. Marking of each assignment is included within the cost of the course along with two free re-submissions but should delegates refer on their assignment more than twice then re-marking will then incur an additional charge of £25 per submission.

Coaching and mentoring managers is essential for the development of a high performing, collaborative business. Establishing a core of effective managers who can develop staff and communicate strategy effectively so staff know what is expected of them and feel supported, is pivotal to successful competitive businesses.

Modules covered:

Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Coaching and Mentoring within an Organisational Context

Undertaking Effective Coaching or Mentoring within an Organisational Context

Reviewing Own Ability as a Coach or Mentor within an Organisational Context

ILM Credits: 16

The workshops and supervision tutorials are highly participative, using facilitated discussion, brief presentations, coaching practices and feedback. The workshops promote reflection and improvement, and encourage delegates to find opportunities to apply the learning in the workplace. Delegates are supported with action learning based coaching sessions and will complete:

A minimum of 18 hours of coaching with a minimum of two, and maximum of three, coachees throughout the programme
A 5,500 word Assignment
A Portfolio of the documentation from your 18 hours of coaching sessions
A Reflective Journal covering your development as a coach throughout the programme

Your written submissions are assessed by ILM.

Workshop and tutorial attendance, as well as written submissions are mandatory.

Target Audience

This programme is for managers with significant responsibility for coaching and mentoring as part of their day-to-day role, learners planning to move into a development role and those wishing to start a career as a freelance coach or mentor.


An understanding of the basic fundamentals of coaching and a minimum of 1 year’s coaching experience in the workplace.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

Apply coaching and mentoring best practice to the benefit of managers in your direct organisation
Understand and apply the fundamentals of coaching ethics in line with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) principles
Create an effective contract and effectively scoped framework for your coaching sessions
Use effective diagnostic and assessment tools
Overcome barriers to coaching and establish trust and credibility with your coachees
Practise effective listening and elicitation/questioning skills
Utilise established coaching models and frameworks
Create an effective coaching diary and coaching records
Respond effectively to feedback for continuous improvement

What’s included:


  • Course content

    This programme will:

    Examine the purpose and benefits of workplace coaching
    Explore how coaches should contract and manage the confidentiality and ethics of coaching
    Explain the roles and responsibilities of an effective workplace coach
    Identify the range of behaviours and characteristics of an effective coach
    Explore managing the coaching process, agreeing goals and following simple coaching models and frameworks
    Identify a range of tools and techniques (including diagnostic tools and those exploring learning preferences)
    Examine the purpose and structure of maintaining effective basic coaching records (documentation)
    Provide tools for overcoming a range of barriers to coaching
    Provide supervision and feedback for coaching improvement

Duration: 8 days
Price: £5335 + VAT

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