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NEBOSH International Diploma

This is available as a Distance Learning course.

The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is based on international standards and best practice and builds on the knowledge gained at NEBOSH Certificate level. It is made up of four units which must be completed within five years.

  • Course content

    Unit IA: International Management of Health and Safety – 154 Hours
    IA1 – Principles of Health and Safety Management
    IA2 – Regulating Health and Safety
    IA3 – Loss Causation and Incident Investigation
    IA4 – Measuring and Reviewing Health and Safety Performance
    IA5 – The Assessment and Evaluation of Risk
    IA6 – Risk Control
    IA7 – Organisational Factors
    IA8 – Human Factors
    IA9 – The Role of the Health and Safety Practitioner

    Unit IB: International Control of Hazardous Agents in the Workplace – 115 Hours
    IB1 – Managing Occupational Health
    IB2 – Identification, Assessment and Evaluation of Hazardous Substances
    IB3 – The Control of Hazardous Substances
    IB4 – The Monitoring and Measuring of Hazardous Substances
    IB5 – Biological Agents
    IB6 – Noise and Vibration
    IB7 – Radiation
    IB8 – Mental Ill-Health and Dealing with Violence and Aggression at Work
    IB9 – Musculoskeletal Risks and Controls
    IB10 – Work Environment Risks and Controls

    Unit IC: International Workplace and Work Equipment Safety – 120 Hours
    IC1 – Workplace Welfare Requirements and Specific Workplace Issues
    IC2 – Fire and Explosion
    IC3 – Workplace Fire Risk Assessment
    IC4 – The Storage, Handling and Processing of Dangerous Substances
    IC5 – Work Equipment
    IC6 – Workplace Machinery
    IC7 – Mobile, Lifting, Access and Work at Height Equipment
    IC8 – Electrical Safety
    IC9 – Construction and Works of a Temporary Nature – Hazards and Controls
    IC10 – Workplace Transport and Managing Work-Related Road Risk

    Unit DNI: Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice
    An 8,000 word work-based project


    Units IA, IB and IC of the NEBOSH International Diploma are each assessed by three-hour written examinations. Unit DNI is assessed by an 8,000 word work based project.

    Exams are held in January and July each year. Unit DNI can be submitted in February, May, August or November each year.

Duration: 468 hours
Price: £1995 + VAT

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