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Dealing With Accounts In Your Business Can Be Time-Consuming, But Sage Makes It Easy

Dealing With Accounts In Your Business Can Be Time-Consuming, But Sage Makes It Easy

If you are like many people in business, when you first start your organisation you do so for one of several possible reasons. You may have a certain skill – indeed you may have several – that you believe will be valuable to other people who will pay you well for those skills.

You may have learned those skills while working for another company and considered that you could perform the same services or produce better products in a better fashion or for less cost, and that by starting your own business doing the same thing you could earn far more money than the wage you are paid. Indeed, that is how many businesses commence, with the owner looking at the “boss” he is currently working for, with his lovely house in the country, top of the range car, and four or five holidays a year, and thinking to himself that by starting off in competition doing the same thing he/she could be enjoying all those benefits as well. And why not?

So you start your own business using the skills that you have learned, but there are one or two things that are not going to be at the forefront of your mind when you call on that first potential customer. One of those things – unless you happen to be a qualified accountant and are starting an accountancy practice – is dealing with accounts! In fact, it is probably the last thing on your mind.

Yet, as you start to become successful at what you do and your business grows, accounts become a vital cornerstone of your business – even if, like many people, you hate the thought of doing the accounts. After all, it’s “maths” isn’t it, and if you were like most of your class at school, maths was the subject that you were not very good at and didn’t enjoy.

Now if your business grows as you hope, you may get to the point where you can employ a full time accountant – or even have an accounts department – but in the meantime all this accounts “stuff” has to be handled by somebody, and that somebody is either you or a member of your staff who simply deals with the accounts among other functions.

The problem is that the bigger your business gets the more accounting work needs to be done. Obviously, from the day that you get your first customer you have to send out invoices. Then you need to send a statement at the end of the month. Then when that invoice is not paid you are suddenly involved in credit control. It can get to the point where you are spending one day a week phoning up customers in order to get invoices paid instead of carrying out the functions that will grow your business further. And all of this never crossed your mind on the day that you opened for business!

Fortunately, today we have software that can make handling your accounts so much easier and more efficient, and in particular, Sage 50 accounting software. Sage financial accounting software will help you to manage all your invoicing and credit control, can deal with international payments, helps you to easily create reports, handles all your VAT payments, processes all your payroll, ensures that you are always compliant with HMRC (vital!), and operates in the cloud. All your data is stored in the cloud on a remote server, and that means that you can always access it from wherever you are: all you need is an internet connection.

Running a business means that you can often be running about to meetings with customers, visiting suppliers, interviewing potential employees, and a whole lot more, and it follows that finding the time to keep up with your accounts can be difficult. Sage 50 Accounts makes it easy.

Of course, as with so many things, it does take some time to learn and become familiar with all of the processes that Sage accounts provides, and that is why you need our Sage training in Manchester in order to fully understand it. Whether you are going to handle your accounting yourself or have a member of staff do so, we run a series of Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll training courses that cover every aspect of your accounting, and will have you up to speed like an expert very quickly.

Sage 50 Accounts will make your life easy, and we make learning it easy too.