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Learn How To Use Sage 50cloud Payroll Software With Total Training Solutions

One of the most annoying things about running a business is paying the employees. Not the actual payments themselves, but all of the complications that occur because of the different status of employees, their ages, differing rates of pay, overtime, commissions, and so much more, that can mean that calculating their taxes, deducting them, making allowances for maternity pay, paternity pay, benefits, and more besides, finds you spending a considerable amount of time every month, week, or fortnight, just dealing with payroll.

Now, handling payroll correctly is absolutely essential, because if you get things wrong and make errors, you can be on the receiving end of penalties from HMRC. Not only that, as the business owner, you are personally liable for anything that goes wrong, even if you delegate payroll to a member of your staff.

When you first start out in business there may be just you and a partner or two, or even you as sole owner. However, the minute that you take on an employee, which you will need to do as your business grows, you are suddenly dropped into the world of payroll and all that it entails.

All right, if you have just one employee you can probably manage to handle that on your own. However, soon you need to take on another employee. Then another. And another. Business is going well, so you need to take on a salesman because you cannot deal with it all yourself. The salesman gets commissions, so his pay is different every month. You need one or two employees to work some overtime, so that varies every month as well.

You have employees of different ages. They earn different amounts because you pay them different rates according to what their job is. Some of those employees get government benefits or grants, while others don’t.

The law also requires you to set up a company pension scheme. You have to automatically enrol some of those employees into the pension scheme, but they can choose to opt out after they have been enrolled, but not before. Others are not entitled to join the scheme but can opt in if they wish. You have to pay a certain amount into the scheme for each employee who is in it and deduct a certain amount from their wages and put that into the pension pot.

It isn’t very long before dealing with your payroll becomes a logistical nightmare. Not only that, but despite the fact that it can start to take up huge amounts of time, it is all nothing but an overhead. And as we said earlier, if you get anything wrong – which is very easy to do – it can actually cost you even more in the way of HMRC penalties. The whole issue is no fun at all.

This is why you need to invest in something such as the Sage 50cloud Payroll Software which can make your payroll so much easier to deal with.

However, while the Sage software is an excellent tool for the job, you still need to learn how to use it to its’ fullest advantage. That means that, whether you undertake payroll yourself as the business owner, or delegate it to another member of staff, you need training in all the various facets that are covered.

If you need Sage training in Leeds for payroll, then you or your staff member in charge of payroll, need to undertake the Sage 50cloud Payroll eLearning courses that we provide at Total Training Solutions. These are split into three ten-hour courses that you can access online whenever it suits you over a period of 12 weeks. Each section is followed by a one-hour exam that you or your employee can take in order to achieve Sage 50cloud Payroll Certification.

The first stage covers the basic principles of Sage 50cloud Payroll from navigation through to setting up pay elements and creating employee records. The second stage covers the fundamental steps to complete a basic pay run for your employees, and how to produce and view their payslips, and it also covers new employees, leavers, and how to submit all the information to HMRC.

Finally, the third stage covers things that don’t happen every week, fortnight, or month, such as maternity pay and how to process statutory payments.

When you have completed all three stages you and/or your employee will be fully competent in the use of the software, and payroll will become a breeze.