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NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Training Course in Birmingham

What is The Birmingham NEBOSH Fire Certificate?

Fire can pose a significant risk to the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Simultaneously, it is often accompanied by great losses for the business that not every company can recover from. That’s why fire safety and management skills are a highly desired quality in applicants for a wide variety of roles.

The NEBOSH fire certificate is awarded by the National Examination Body of Occupational Safety and Health and teaches you the necessary skills and knowledge to complete fire risk assessments in various workplaces. This NEBOSH course also teaches you to identify and implement a range of fire prevention measures.

Take NEBOSH training to learn how to provide the proper safety culture at your workplace and avoid catastrophic losses. Our NEBOSH course can be undertaken in the classroom or via online and in-house learning.

What Does This NEBOSH Course Entail?

Our NEBOSH training for fire safety gives you a good understanding of how to manage health and safety, focusing on fire protocols in your Birmingham workplace. You’ll understand the principles of fires and explosions and will be able to identify areas of improvement for fire protection in buildings. You’ll also learn how to manage people’s safety in case of a fire and conduct a fire safety risk assessment.

Who Should Undertake NEBOSH Training in Birmingham?

This NEBOSH course in Birmingham is ideal for anyone that shares fire safety responsibility at work and ensures that their organisation adheres to fire safety legislation. Businesses must assign an individual trained in fire safety. As such, you can take on extra responsibility at work by training for the NEBOSH fire certificate now.

We also recommend our NEBOSH course for anyone who wishes to build a career as a fire safety adviser or gain more in-depth knowledge of health and safety roles.

How is The Birmingham NEBOSH Fire Certificate Assessed?

You’ll be able to obtain the NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate after completing two assessment steps. The NEBOSH Course will prepare you for these assessments with precisely the modules you need.

Open Book Examination is a written examination completed over a 24 hour period and assessed by external NEBOSH examiners.

Practical Fire Risk Assessment requires candidates to complete a practical assessment within their workplace. This assessment has no time frame but candidates are expected to use frameworks and standards such as the Home Office Fire Guidance. This practical assessment can normally be completed within 3 hours, and is moderated externally by NEBOSH. Our internal staff will also assess the exam, in which you’ll complete a risk assessment for your organisation’s fire safety protocols.

Start Your NEBOSH Course Today

Fire Safety is a vital aspect of health and safety in the workplace, and you can master this responsibility with our NEBOSH training. TTS is a leading provider of managed training services both online and in the classroom. Further your career now and provide a safer environment for your colleagues by undertaking our NEBOSH course in Birmingham with our pass-pledge.

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