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NEBOSH General Certificate Training Course in Darlington

If you work or live in and around Darlington and are interested in furthering your health and safety career, we have the perfect course for you. The NEBOSH General Certificate is an ideal course for any professional keen to advance their career.

UK employers are most likely to ask for this NEBOSH Training qualification from their employees and candidates.

What is NEBOSH Training?

NEBOSH stands for the National Educational Board in Occupational Health and Safety. Their health and safety training courses are considered to be the standard requirement for employees to have.

More than 200,000 UK students have passed the NEBOSH General Certificate. Darlington students can join this number by booking a place on one of our NEBOSH training courses.

Who is this NEBOSH Course Best For?

Health and safety professionals working at the supervisor or manager level are ideal candidates for the NEBOSH General Certificate. It is also suitable for anyone who has health and safety duties as part of their job.

Also, Darlington students who are either starting out on a health and safety career and want to progress as far as they can are suitable for this NEBOSH course.

Ambitious students who hope to go onto higher-level NEBOSH training certification in the future can take this course as a first step towards gaining the degree-level NEBOSH National Diploma.

I’m Interested – Tell me More About the Content on this NEBOSH Course

There are two units to this course, and students are assessed at the end of each unit. Our Darlington students are supported in their learning throughout both units with revision models and the NEBOSH National General Certificate audiobooks.

Unit NG1: Managing Health and Safety

Students participating in this course will gain an understanding of:

• The reason it’s essential to manage health and safety at work
• What health and safety management systems look like and how they work
• Managing health and safety risk in the workplace and the people and processes involved
• Monitoring and measuring health and safety at work

An at-home, open-book exam follow this.

Unit NG2: Risk Assessment

Students participating in this course will gain an understanding of:

• Physical and psychological health in the workplace
• Musculoskeletal health
• Chemical and biological agents
• General workplace issues
• Equipment in the workplace
• Fire
• Electricity

An on-site practical workplace risk assessment follows this.

What are the Learning Outcomes of this NEBOSH Course?

Students will come away with several key learning outcomes after completing Unit NG1 and Unit NG2 of the NEBOSH General Certificate. These are:

• The ability to confidently conduct workplace risk assessments
• An understanding of how to manage all aspects of workplace health and safety successfully
• The ability to decrease and manage risks in the workplace
• The capacity to evaluate if your action and risk management plans have been successful
• How to establish and support a positive health and safety culture at work
• An understanding of the legal health and safety requirements in the UK

If you would like to find out more about this particular NEBOSH training or book a place on a NEBOSH course, please contact us.

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