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Sage Course Training in Leeds

Our wide range of eLearning and professional trainer-led Sage courses in Leeds is the best way for payroll and accounts professionals to acquire accredited and official Sage certification.

Our Sage training courses are suitable for anyone serious about their professional development and cover both the basics of Sage software and take you to an advanced level.

Choose from either eLearning over a maximum 12 week period at your own leisure; alternatively, we also offer some courses as live Zoom sessions and can arrange for one-to-one private sessions at no extra cost.

Step up your professional development. Take a look at our Sage training in Leeds for the next step in your career as an accounts and payroll professional.

Sage Training: Sage Accounts Courses

Sage 50cloud Accounts Stage 1 eLearning: Get to grips with Sage software basic elements. Familiarise yourself with the essential principles of Sage 50cloud Accounting software. The Sage Level 1 exam is included.

Sage 50cloud Accounts Stage 2 eLearning: This comprehensive course covers regular accounts-related actions that you will perform as part of your day to day work. This includes credit notes and payments, processing client invoices and sales ledger management. The Sage Level 2 exam is included.

Sage 50cloud Accounts Stage 3 eLearning: Master more advanced Sage software functions with this professional development course. This course is ideal for anyone who has complete Levels 1 and 2 Sage training. It includes topics such as month and year-end Sage accounting, VAT returns, credit control and more. The Sage Level 3 exam is included.

Sage 50cloud Accounts Stage 4 eLearning: Experienced Sage software users will learn how to operate the Sage software stock control system. This includes stock control from set up to conducting stock takes. There is a Sage Level 4 exam at the end.

Sage Accounts: A one-day live online Zoom class for Leeds-based professionals. It’s delivered by one of our senior Sage trainers. Private one-to-one training can be provided at no extra cost, and the Sage 50 Accounts certification is included.

Sage Training: Sage Payroll Courses

Sage 50cloud Stage 1 Payroll eLearning: Get started with the Sage payroll basics. This Stage 1 course will give you a basic understanding of Sage 50cloud Payroll software. The Sage 50cloud Level 1 certification is included.

Sage 50cloud Stage 2 Payroll eLearning: Embrace Sage payroll learning with this next-level course. You’ll learn how to deal with new starters, run a basic payroll, submit payroll details to HMRC and more. The Sage 50cloud Level 2 certification is included.

Sage 50cloud Stage 3 Payroll eLearning: Understand the full power of Sage payroll software. This advanced-level course takes you through more targeted topics such as statutory payments and parental pay. The Sage 50cloud Level 3 certification is included.

Sage Payroll: Take part in our one-day live online Zoom course delivered in Leeds by our senior Sage Payroll trainer. Private one-to-one training can be provided at no extra cost. The Sage 50 Payroll certification is included.

For more information or to book a Sage course in Leeds, please contact us.

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