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NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Training Course in Liverpool

About The Liverpool NEBOSH Fire Certificate

Awarded by the National Examination Body for Occupational Safety and Health, our NEBOSH course provides you with fire safety skills for your Liverpool workplace. Over 10,000 students have already passed the NEBOSH course to understand your business’s fire safety culture better.

As part of your NEBOSH training, you’ll learn how to perform fire risk assessments. You’ll be able to play an essential role in preventing damage and catastrophic losses, as well as keeping your colleagues safe in the event of a fire. All UK organisations with commercial premises are required to appoint one responsible party with adequate fire safety training.

If you’re looking to assume more responsibility in the workplace, this NEBOSH training is for you. Study for your NEBOSH course in Liverpool in the classroom, online, or with in-house training.

What The NEBOSH Course for Fire Safety Will Cover

Our NEBOSH training will provide you with a complete understanding of managing health and safety relating to fires and explosions in the workplace. You’ll learn how fires and explosions are caused and how this can be prevented. You’ll also learn how to manage fires if they break out and how to responsibly ensure the safety of yourself and your coworkers in the event of an emergency. After completing our NEBOSH course, you’ll also be able to complete a fire risk assessment for your workplace in Liverpool and implement better fire safety protocols.

Who Should Complete the NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate?

There are no entry requirements for the NEBOSH fire safety certificate so that you can get started with our NEBOSH course today. The training is suitable for any individual responsible for fire safety management in the workplace. It can also be a significant edge to anyone hoping to make a career as a fire safety advisor or improve their existing general health and safety skills.

The NEBOSH Fire certificate Assessment Process

The two-part assessment process is included with our NEBOSH training in Liverpool.

The first part of the assessment is an open book examination which you have 24 hours to complete that external NEBOSH examiners assess.

Secondly, you’ll complete a practical fire risk assessment. This is a practical test undertaken in your workplace, where you’ll complete a fire risk assessment on site. NEBOSH examiners will monitor the assessment externally, and our staff will be available internally to assess your performance. The practical examination has no time frame but is usually completed within 3 hours.

As part of our Pass-pledge, you can re-attempt these examinations if you fail them. You’ll only carry the cost of the exams again! Your results will be available 10-12 weeks after your exams, after which your NEBOSH fire safety certificate will arrive.

Start Your NEBOSH Training Today

Make fire safety a priority, and get certified with one of the most widely recognised qualifications across Liverpool and the UK!

TS is a leading provider of managed training services in the country. Begin your NEBOSH training in Liverpool today to advance your health and safety career and keep your workplace safe. Choose between local training, or study comfortably at home with our online courses. Employers can get in touch for bespoke in-house training services for their teams.

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