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NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Training Course in Manchester

About the NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate in Manchester

NEBOSH certificates are some of the most widely recognised health and safety qualifications in Manchester and the whole of the UK. Over 10,000 people already completed this NEBOSH fire safety certificate to provide the right fire safety culture in their workplace.

As part of this NEBOSH course, you’ll learn how to complete a fire risk assessment and implement fire protection to prevent catastrophic losses and injuries. You’ll play a significant role in helping to meet UK fire safety legislation in your Manchester workplace.

All organisations with commercial premises must appoint at least one responsible individual with fire safety management qualifications. Take on this new responsibility by starting with this NEBOSH course today. Our NEBOSH training can be completed via the classroom, online, or via in-house learning.

What Does The NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Entail?

The following topics are covered in our NEBOSH training in Manchester:

  • Understanding the management of health and safety
  • How to implement and strengthen fire safety protocols in your Manchester workplace
  • Understanding the principles of fires and explosions
  • Learn how to identify the causes and preventions of fires and explosions
  • How to conduct a fire safety risk assessment
  • Manage the safety of people in the event of a fire

Who is This NEBOSH Course for?

Anyone who wants to contribute to fire safety management in their Manchester workplace will benefit from this course. Organisations who wish to improve the fire safety culture in their businesses can benefit from in-house training for their staff. The certificate enables candidates to establish and maintain fire safety legislation and ensure the safety of staff. It’s also vital for individuals who wish to build a career as fire safety advisers.

How is the NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Assessed?

Our NEBOSH courses in Manchester get you ready for the two part assessment that the NEBOSH fire safety certificate includes. The 2 assessments are:

  • Open Book Assessment. You have 24 hours to complete this assessment at home. Once completed it is assessed by external NEBOSH examiners.
  • Practical Fire Risk Assessment. This normally takes upto three-hours to complete but their is no set time frame, this is a practical exam and takes place in your workplace in Manchester. You’ll be asked to complete a fire risk assessment on-site with our internal examiners present. The exam will further be moderated externally by NEBOSH.

Our pass-pledge ensures that if you fail an exam, you can retake it at the cost of that examination. Your results will reach you 10-12 weeks after the exams are completed. After this, the certificate will be issued to you.

Start Training for Your NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate in Manchester Today

TTS is a leading training service provider for health and safety in the UK. Suppose you want to take the next step in your career or assume more responsibility at work. In that case, you can participate in NEBOSH training local to Manchester or choose our online courses to learn comfortably from home. Employers can also get in touch with us to arrange in-house bespoke training for their team.

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