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NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate Training Course in Sheffield

The NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate in Sheffield

Every business in Sheffield that works on commercial premises is required to appoint at least one responsible person to understand fire safety and management. Individuals with the necessary fire safety training can significantly contribute to the fire safety culture of their workplace and ensure the fire protocols adhere to UK legislation.

The best way to train the necessary skills and knowledge is by completing the NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate ( Launched 2021 ). Our NEBOSH training equips candidates with a range of practical fire safety skills and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Organisations with staff who have undergone this NEBOSH training can rely on a safer work environment for employees and visitors. Our NEBOSH courses can be completed via classroom, online or in-house learning.

What Does This NEBOSH Course Cover?

Our NEBOSH training covers vital skills and knowledge in fire safety and risk management. These are the lessons required to obtain the NEBOSH fire safety certificate successfully. The curriculum includes:

  • Understanding the management of health and safety
  • How to implement and strengthen fire safety protocols in your Sheffield workplace
  • Understanding the principles of fires and explosions
  • Learn how to identify the causes and preventions of fires and explosions
  • How to conduct a fire safety risk assessment
  • Manage the safety of people in the event of a fire

Who is This NEBOSH Course for?

There are no entry requirements to participate in our NEBOSH training for the fire safety certificate. It benefits any individual who wants to pick up new health and safety skills and take on more responsibility at work. It is suitable for anyone that wants to improve fire safety in their workplace in Sheffield or advance their role in a health and safety field.

Additionally, we recommend this course to any individual who wants to build a career as a fire safety adviser in and around Sheffield.

The Assessment Process

The TTS NEBOSH course in Sheffield includes the two assessments you’ll need to complete to qualify for the NEBOSH fire safety certificate. These assessments will test both your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Exam steps include:

  • An open book examination. Candidates will have 24 hours to complete this written examination from home.
  • A practical fire risk assessment. Candidates are required to complete a practical fire risk assessment at their Sheffield workplace, using frame works and standards, such as the Home Office fire guidance and PAS79-1:2020 there is no time restriction for the risk assessment, but 3 hours is recommended to compile a comprehensive risk assessment.

NEBOSH external examiners will evaluate both parts of the assessment

You’ll receive your exam results in 10-12 weeks. Should you fail any of the examinations, our pass-pledge guarantees you’ll be able to repeat the assessment until you pass. In that event, you will only need to carry the costs of the exam itself.

Start Your NEBOSH Training Today

Join the 10,000 people who have already improved their health and safety skills with NEBOSH training and become experts on fire safety management in your Sheffield workplace. Our NEBOSH course will give you an edge in your career and complement your skillset as a manager or supervisor. Choose from our classroom courses local to Sheffield or learn from home with our online courses.

IF you’re an employer and want to train your team for an improved fire safety culture, get in touch to arrange in-house training in Sheffield with the leading training service provider in the UK today.

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