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NEBOSH General Certificate Training Course in Sunderland

The NEBOSH General Certificate – All You Need to Know

If you’re at the start of your career, you might be looking for ways to get a leg up. The proper training is essential to position yourself favourably in the job market and catch the attention of employers in Sunderland.

With a widely recognised qualification like the NEBOSH general certificate, you’ll be able to open new doors. The National Examination Board issues the certificate in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). NEBOSH training teaches you the core fundamentals of health and safety in the workplace. Over 80% of UK employers request this certification in their candidates.

Aside from being relevant to the health and safety sector in and around Sunderland, NEBOSH training will also allow you to strengthen your resume for line manager positions and supervisor roles. Any job in which you’ll be responsible for managing a team and maintaining their well being will benefit from this course.

Qualifications Associated with This NEBOSH Course

Completing this course allows you to obtain the NEBOSH general certificate, which will provide you with a solid starting foundation for any work in the health and safety sector, manufacture, retail, hospitality and more. Additionally, you’ll pursue the NEBOSH diploma, which provides more in-depth knowledge in this field.

What is included in the NEBOSH Course?

The following lessons will be covered during your NEBOSH training. These include all the critical aspects of workplace health and safety in Sunderland.

  • How to effectively manage health and safety
  • How to identify and control common workplace hazards
  • How to measure if your processes have been implemented successfully
  • The UK’s vital legal requirements and about health and safety
  • How to carry out risk assessments
  • How to support your company’s health and safety culture
  • How to develop and implement a health and safety action plan

The Advantages of Completing NEBOSH training in Sunderland

  • By completing the NEBOSH course, you’ll be able to benefit from essential and critical skills for a variety of careers. In summary, you’ll have:
  • Knowledge of the critical aspects of workplace health and safety. You’ll be able to provide a more secure environment for yourself and others.
  • The ability to complete risk assessments and implement health and safety action plans.
    A widely recognised qualification in Sunderland and the wider UK can support your career goals in the health and safety sector or related fields. You’ll benefit from an edge when it comes to promotions to managerial positions.

Assessments for the NEBOSH General Certificate

With your NEBOSH training completed, you’ll undergo a two-step assessment process to receive your NEBOSH General Certificate.

NG1 is the first part of the assessment. This is an open-book exam in which you’ll be tested for the knowledge you’ve obtained in the NEBOSH course. Following the examination, there’ll be an interview further questioning your submission.

NG2 is a practical exam where you’ll complete a full risk assessment for your current workplace. Additionally, you’ll be asked to design a health and safety implementation plan to improve on the risk factors you’ve identified.

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