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NEBOSH Revision Aids – The Options Explained

NEBOSH Revision Aids – The Options Explained

Passing any exam can be a daunting prospect especially if it’s been a while since you last sat one. Passing NEBOSH examinations can be even more challenging as learning significant amounts of Health & Safety information can be a gruelling task.

One way of increasing your chances of success is varying the way you study. It has been shown that when committing information to your long term memory differing the way you learn from audio and visual sources benefits greatly. Reading pages and pages of course material can be limiting but combining this with audiobooks and online course modules makes learning more interactive and engaging.

Downloading the audiobooks couldn’t be similar. It gives you access to all the up to date course material in audio form, enabling you to study where and when you have some share time.

Whilst making use of online e-learning revision resources gives an interactive element to your study. With activities and quizzes to consolidate knowledge gained, bitesize revision material aids learning through interactive summarises of the course. It also walks you through the types of questions used in the exam, showing you the question signpost you should look out for and helpful tips and tricks to perform well.

All in all by using a range of study resources you can give yourself the best chance of passing that exam.

If you need to upgrade your NEBOSH skills we offer a comprehensive range of training courses. You can find out more about our complete range via our website, including the NEBOSH General Certificate. Please call us on 01423 790107 or email to book your place or if you have any questions about any of our courses.