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Sage Training For An Employee Who Needs To Handle Your Payroll

At Total Training Solutions, we offer several training courses on Sage accounting systems. This is vital training for small and medium sized businesses who cannot afford the luxury of appointing a full time in-house accountant for the simple reason that there is not enough work in many small businesses to justify such a post.

The result of this is that many of these businesses have to have one of their staff members work on the accounts part time and carry on with their other functions for the rest of the time. Indeed, if you run a business and only have a couple of employees you can carry out payroll yourself because doing it for a couple of people once a month is not going to take up a lot of time.

However, if you are like most businessmen you want to grow your business, and that means gaining more new customers which in turn means that you need to take on a salesman. Now most businesses who employ salesmen will pay them a form of commission on sales achieved which is an incentive for them to produce results. Some companies employ their sales team on a commission-only basis for that reason. No sales, no pay! If that’s not an incentive, nothing is.

Of course, this means that the sales team’s commissions will change the amount you pay them and will be different every month, and this is where your payroll can start to get tricky. If you have two employees on a standard pay rate, then payroll is straightforward because it is the same every month. But as you take on more staff as the business grows, it gets much more difficult. Not only are you having to take on more staff and you also have a sales team, but those on a basic salary may also start to do overtime, so their income can vary from one month to the next as well. Payroll goes from being a simple matter to one that is very complicated.

At this point in the life of a growing company, there may still not be enough payroll and other accounts work to do in order to make the employment of an accountant a viable proposition, so what usually happens is that this is handed over to a staff member who has other functions and now has to do the accounts as well. That staff member may have got a GCSE in maths, but we are now talking a completely different ball game, so that staff member will need training.

As an employer, you may very well invest in Sage accounting software which makes the job of payroll and all the other accounting functions a lot easier, but, of course, it does take time to fully understand all the ramifications. This is when you need our Sage training in Leeds so that your staff member can attend the courses in order to be able to make the best of the software.

Your employee can begin with our Sage Payroll Report Design course which will teach him/her how to create and amend reports, layouts, and payslips. They will learn how to insert expressions into a report to calculate and print specified information and understand how to add filters to select specific information in the report.

Then there is our Sage 50 Payroll Stage 1 course which teaches the basic principles of setting up and processing payments in Sage 50 Payroll. From setting up your employees and users in the software, to processing weekly and monthly payroll runs, dealing with pensions, starters and leavers, as well as getting to grips with month end routines. All of this is essential knowledge for someone who has to run your payroll but has never done so before.

We also provide a Sage 50 Payroll Stage 2 course which will teach your staff member how to handle more advanced operations including using electronic banking and submissions, and transferring journals across to the Sage accounting software, as well as processing attachments and statutory payments.

All these courses are available in Leeds and will bring your staff member fully up to speed with payroll.