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IT LINUX training courses

  • Advanced Linux Administration

    Linux administration involves a fair amount of interaction with system hardware and the kernel, as well as using proliferation of front end tools. This course provides a hands-on approach to these and other advanced administrative tasks that are unique to Linux, concentrating on CLI-based...
    Advanced Linux Administration - Full Details
  • Building a Linux Server

    For all the incredible progress that Linux has been making in the desktop arena, the biggest impact of Linux is in the server marketplace, where it has been competing with both Windows and UNIX products. For many years now, several vendors have been providing a professional maintenance and support...
    Building a Linux Server - Full Details
  • Developing and Delivering Dynamic Web Sites using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP

    The 'LAMP' stack of open-source technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) provides an excellent platform for web content delivery. Based around a realistic case study, this 5-day hands-on course provides a comprehensive introduction to the use of LAMP to build a dynamic, commercial web site.The...
    Developing and Delivering Dynamic Web Sites using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - Full Details
  • Essentials of Linux Administration

    Please notice that LPI exams are not included in the course. Before attempting the LPI examination, the delegates are encouraged to follow this course with the advanced administration training and then consolidate their knowledge in a real...
    Essentials of Linux Administration - Full Details
  • Mastering Bash Scripts

    This course deals comprehensively with the capabilities of BASH and the utilities commonly used in the development of scripts. The training concentrates on a common approach to BASH on variants of UNIX, and currently covers versions of BASH up to 4.1.
    Mastering Bash Scripts - Full Details
  • New Ubuntu Certified Professional (10.04)

    The Ubuntu Certified Professional (UCP) is a training certification for system administrators who are required to deploy Ubuntu into the office environment This five day, hands-on course will provide participants with the skills they need to deploy and configure Ubuntu within the office. It...
    New Ubuntu Certified Professional (10.04) - Full Details
  • Securing a Linux Server

    It is a fact of life that any server that connects directly to the Internet can be attacked. In this course, Securing Linux Servers, you'll learn best practices to reduce the attack surface of those systems. First, you'll learn to take control of booting your machines and see how to assess their...
    Securing a Linux Server - Full Details