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The Virtual Classroom Experience

The Virtual Classroom Experience

During these uncertain times, we are ramping up our virtual and online course offerings to enable you to learn from home with minimal disruption. The majority of our classroom courses are available as live instructor-led training which you can attend from home. All Online Instructor-Led courses are delivered in real-time.


Our virtual classroom courses allow you to access award-winning classroom training, without leaving your home or office. We use the WebEx video conferencing platform by Cisco, as well as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, depending on which course you are attending. Before you book, check that you meet the WebEx system requirements and run a WebEx test meeting to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings. If it doesn’t work, try adjusting your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website.

We also offer a virtual classroom plus option for certain courses. This allows learners to come to the classroom for the first part of their course before attending remotely for the rest of the week. You can get all the benefits of award-winning classroom training from our great training locations, including meeting the learning professional in person at the beginning of the event, and then attend the rest of the course from the comfort of your home or office.


For the majority of courses, all you’ll need is an internet-connected computer or laptop plus headphones with a mic. A USB headset is best, but you can also use any bluetooth or mobile headphones, as long as they have a mic so you can interact with the classroom.

For selected technical courses and courses with remote labs, you’ll need an additional screen, such as a computer monitor or TV screen (to which you can connect via an HDMI cable). Information on the required screen size is provided within the course pre-requisites.

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