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Inventor Basingstoke

  • Price £897.00
  • Level Introduction
All major credit cards accepted


Provide users with a thorough understanding of the principal 3D design, validation, and
documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor.
After completion, users will:
*Capture design intent by using the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating
intelligent 3D parametric parts.
*Create, place, and constrain custom and standard components in an assembly.
*Simulate mechanisms, animate assembly designs, and check for interferences.
*Document designs using base, projected, section, detail, and isometric drawing views.
*Document assemblies using standard and exploded drawing views.
*Follow drafting standards while dimensioning and annotating drawing views with automated
balloons and parts lists.


This courseware is designed for new Autodesk Inventor users.

Assumed Knowledge

No previous CAD experience is necessary. Working knowledge of the following:
*Drafting, design, or mechanical engineering principles.
*Microsoft® Windows® Vista or Microsoft® Windows® XP.

Course Content

Getting Started
Autodesk Inventor User Interface
*View Manipulation
*Designing Parametric Parts
*Basic Sketching Techniques

Creating 2D Sketches
*Geometric Constraints
*Dimensioning Sketches
*Basic Shape Design

• Creating Basic Sketched Features
• Intermediate Sketching
• Editing Parametric Parts
• 3D Grip Editing
• Creating Work Features
• Creating Basic Swept Shapes
Detailed Shape Design
• Creating Chamfers and Fillets
• Creating Holes and Threads
• Patterning and Mirroring Features
• Creating Thin-Walled Parts
Assembly Design Overview
• Designing Assemblies
• Using Project Files in Assembly Designs
Placing, Creating, and Constraining Components
• Placing Components in an Assembly
• Constraining Components
• Placing Standard Components Using the Content Center
• Basic Part Design in an Assembly
Interacting with an Assembly
• Identifying Parts in an Assembly
• Analysis and Motion Tools
• Presenting Your Assembly
Basic View Creation
• Drawing Creation Environment
• Base and Projected Views
• Section Views
• Detail Views
• Crop Views
• Managing Views
Dimensions, Annotations, and Tables
• Automated Dimensioning Techniques
• Manual Dimensioning Techniques
• Annotating Holes and Threads
• Creating Centerlines, Symbols, and Leaders
• Revision Tables and Tags
Annotating Assembly Drawings
• Assembly-Centric Bill of Materials
• Creating and Customizing Parts Lists
• Creating Balloons
Drawing Standards and Resources
• Setting Drawing Standards
• Drawing Resources

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