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Advanced Ethernet (layer 2) Networking Bracknell

  • Price £1,550.00
  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This is an in depth technical course that covers the Ethernet LAN protocols in more detail than the Introduction to Networking course. It will provide information on today’s variants of Ethernet using instructor led presentations and hands on exercises using a variety of networking hardware.


You should have attendance of the Introduction to Networking 1 day course or have similar training and experience; you will be an experienced IT Technician looking to take your career further.


•Gain an in-depth understanding of the protocols and communication techniques used by Networks
•Learn about the addressing of protocols used at layers 2 and 3
•Learn simple networking architectures
•Learn how to configure and interrogate equipments used in Networking
•Learn some of the tools used to troubleshoot networks

Course Content

Chapter 1 – Introduction

•Networked PCs
•Data Transmission
•Segments (Data chunks) and Frames
•Data Transmission over Copper
•Data Transmission over Fibre
•Ethernet—A Brief History
•Ethernet Network Elements
•Attachment Unit Interface (AUI)
•Ethernet Network Topologies / Structures
•IEEE 802.3 and ISO Reference Models

Chapter 2 – LAN Types

•LAN Network Types
•802.5 Token-Ring Networks
•FDDI Networks
•Ethernet Principles
•802.3 Ethernet Networks
•Physical Connections – PHY
•10 Meg to 10 Gig

Chapter 3 – Ethernet Introduction

•Network Interface Card
•MAC Address
•Ethenet Unicast
•Ethernet Broadcast
•Ethernet Multicast
•The Basic Ethernet Frame Format
•Ethernet LAN Frame Formats, 802.3, DIX
•The Ethernet MAC Sublayer
•Media Access Control
•Logical Link Control
•IEEE 802.2 LLC header
•IEEE 802.2 LLC frame
•IEEE 802.2 LLC/SNAP frame
•EtherType field
•SNAP Field
•Runt frame
•Interframe Gap

Chapter 4 – Ethernet Principles

•Media Access – CSMA/CD
•Collision Domain
•Frame Transmission
•Half-Duplex Transmission—CSMA/CD
•Full-Duplex Transmission
•Flow Control

Chapter 5 – LAN Cabling

•LAN Media Types – Cable, UTP, STP
•Fibre. MM, SM,
•FO Safety
•Categories of UTP
•Cable Distance Limitations
•Network Cabling
•T568A and T568B Wiring
•Structured cabling

Chapter 6 – LAN Hardware

•LAN Hardware
•Extending the LAN Segment using Hubs
•LAN Hardware – Bridges
•Bridged Networks – Ethernet
•The Learning Bridge
•Bridges & Collision Domains
•Hubs & Bridges
•Bridges in Parallel
•Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
•LAN Hardware – Switches
•Switch Operation
•Forwarding Modes
•Full/Half Duplex
•Autonegotiation and duplex mismatch
•Network Switches

Chapter 7 – Ethernet Types

•Frame Reception
•The Ethernet Physical Layers
•Encoding for Signal Transmission
•The 802.3 Physical Layer
•10-Mbps Ethernet—10Base-T
•100 Mbps—Fast Ethernet
•100Base-X / T4 / T2 and FX
•1000 Mbps—Gigabit Ethernet
•1000Base-T / X
•1000BASE-SX / LX and CX
•IEEE Std 802.3ae
•IEEE Std 802.3-2005.
•10GBASE-SR / LX-4
•10GBASE-SW / LW and EW
•Multiple-Rate Ethernet Networks
•Migrating to Higher-Speed Networks

Chapter 8 – The Virtual LAN

•Virtual LAN (VLAN)
•Port Based VLAN
•Application Based VLAN
•802.1Q VLAN Tagging
•802.1 PQ QoS
•IEEE 802.1p priority
•Per VLAN spanning trees

Chapter 9 – Network Management

•Network Management
•Simple Network Management Protocol
•packet sniffing software

Chapter 10 – Further and Faster

•100 Gbit/s Ethernet
•Terabit Ethernet
•Long Reach Ethernet (LRE)
•Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

Chapter 11 – Power Over Ethernet

•Power Over Ethernet
•IEEE 802.3-2005
•Powering devices, modes, A and B
•Power levels available
•PoE Splitter
•IEEE 802.3at

Chapter 12 – Metropolitan Ethernet

•MPLS based Metro Ethernet network
•Metro Ethernet
•Pure Ethernet MANs
•IEEE 802.1ah
•IEEE 802.1Qay
•Ethernet Private Wire Service(EPVS)
•Ethernet over SDH/SONET

Chapter 13 – Ethernet Design

•Switch Design Architecture
•Switch vulnerabilities
•ARP spoofing and MAC flooding

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