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Advanced Server Deployment v10.12 Bracknell

  • Duration 3 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The Advanced OS X Deployment v10.12 training course is a 3 day leader led course with plenty of hands on labs that provides a really in-depth look at how to deploy OS X systems. The course covers a range of topics starting with comprehensive planning of a new deployment of Macs, providing students with better awareness of how to develop a stable deployment strategy. We’ll look at investigating all methods of deployment from deploying single files to the deployment of multiple OS X systems. Throughout the course students will use a number of Apple tools including NetBoot & the NetInstall Service, Software Update Server, Caching Service, Profile Manager, Remote Desktop, System Image Utility and Package Maker.

This course also offers an introduction to the DeployStudio deployment package, which offers some great features to optimise Mac Deployment.


This class is for Mac OS X system administrators who need to know how to streamline the process of installing and configuring a large number of computers running Mac OS X

Assumed Knowledge

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:
• Understanding of OS X
• Basic troubleshooting experience or OS X Support Essentials v10.11/10.12
• Basic OS X Server experience or OS X Server Essentials v10.10/10.11
• Experience with OS X in a network environment

Course Content

How to plan and develop a comprehensive, stable Mac Deployment strategy including customizing deployed systems and
implementation of all methods of deployment, from deploying single files to multiple OS X Systems.
Create a comprehensive Deployment planning checklist and Service-Level Agreement (SLA).
How to create, deploy and enforce Usage Policies on Apple devices.
Understand how the OS X Yosemite file system functions and how it handles file, folder and package installation.
Archiving and compressing techniques, OS X Disk Image (.dmg) features, creation and deployment.
Understand OS X installer Packages. Creating, customising, securing and deploying installer packages.
How the Mac App Store works. Ownership of Apps, downloading Apps, Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Volume Purchase
Program (VPP).
Managed Distribution of Apps and leveraging an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution
How to use a range of Apple tools, including NetBoot & NetInstall Service, Remote Desktop, Software Update Server, Caching
Service, Profile Manager, and much more.
Understand the built-in security features of OS X (such as GateKeeper and FileVault 2) and how to work with these during
DeployStudio Deployment package, which offers some great features to optimise Mac Deployment.
Third Party imaging and deployment tools including, Iceberg, Packages, AutoPkg, Munki and Casper.
Techniques to automate post deployment settings and configuration including OS X Scripting techniques, OS X Command Line
configuration and file system manipulation.

Plus much more!

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