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Intro to HTML Bracknell

  • Price £295.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Intro to HTML is a one day classroom based learning course which covers the basics of HTML. It is designed for those who are completely new to HTML, and is an ideal foundation for then developing more advanced skills on top of.


This course is aimed at anybody wanting to understand the basics of HTML whether for online marketing, web development, email newsletter production, or other appropriate roles.

Course Content

Course Overview
•What is HTML?
•Hypertext & Hypermedia
•HyperText Markup
•Language (version 4.0)
•URL Addresses

HTML Documents
•HTML Document Structure
•HTML Document

•Document Section Tags
•Tag Categories
•Text Formatting Tags
•Layout Tags
•Logical Tags
•Lists (Ordered/Unordered)

Tag Attributes & Character References
•Tag Attributes
•Horizontal Rule Attributes
•Font Tag Attributes
•List Tag Attributes
•Character References

Creating Hyperlinks

•Hyperlinks Defined
•Four Types of Anchors
•Standard HREF Anchors
•MAILTO Anchors
•File Download Anchors
•NAME Anchors

Inline Images & Colors
•Using Inline Images
•Backgrounds Colors

Introduction to Tables
•What are Tables?
•Table Tag Family
•Table Tag Attributes
•Colorizing Table Cells
•Arranging Data in Cells
•Creating and Formatting Page
•Columns with Invisible Tables
•Advanced Table Formatting
•Cell Spanning

Nesting & Embedding Tables
•Embedding Lists in Tables
•Nesting Tables in Tables

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AddressVenture House
Downshire Way
RG12 1WA
Phone01423 534 630