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Oracle Application Express: Advanced Workshop Bracknell

  • Price £1,860.00
  • Duration 4 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


Students attending this workshop enhance their skills in Oracle Application Express. Students examine topics on using application navigation to build site maps and dashboards. In addition, students learn about AJAX and Javascript and how these can be used in an APEX application.

Students learn to build a Custom Tabular Form that uses collections and validation, develop their own themes and templates and extend the application in the areas of PDF printing, email notifications, web services, and integrating with other Oracle products such as SQL Developer, Application Server LDAP and SSO. Examining some of the other APIs that are available as well as monitoring and managing your application using custom activity monitoring is also discussed.


•Oracle Application Express 3.0: Developing Web Applications
•Oracle Database 11g: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals


Delegates will learn how to:

•Include application navigation techniques such as Database-Driven report generation, Site Maps, Dashboards and Interactive Report Regions in APEX applications
•Build custom tabular forms that contain validations and use collections
•Incorporate JavaScript and AJAX into APEX applications
•Extend applications using email notifications, using declarative support, incorporating web services and utilizing integration with SQL Developer
•Print reports within APEX using report queries and report layouts utilizing BI Publisher
•Integrate APEX application with LDAP and SSO as well as prevent vulnerabilities associated with SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting attacks

Course Content

Managing Application Navigation

•Build a Hierarchical List with Images
•Build a Database Driven Navigation Report
•Build a Site Map
•Adding a Dashboard
•Incorporate Security into Navigation
•Manipulate Interactive ReportsBuilding Custom Tabular Form

Build a Custom Tabular Form

•Add Validations to your Tabular Form
•Manage Changes to the Tabular Form using Collections

Using Javascript and AJAX Techniques

•Incorporating some JavaScript examples into your APEX Application
•Incorporating some AJAX examples into your APEX Application

Extending your Application

•Adding BLOB Data to your Application
•Sending Email Notifications
•Incorporating Web Services into your Application
•Accessing APEX Application objects in SQL Developer

Customizing Themes and Templates

•Copying and Modifying a template
•Creating and modifying a theme
•Using a variety of styles in a template

Utilizing Application Express Printing

•Printing a Standard Report with Derived Output
•Creating a PDF Report with Multiple Queries
•Including Dynamic Images in your Report
•Creating a Report with a Custom XML and XSL
•Sending a Report as an Email Attachment
•Creating a Report with a Dynamic Layout Selection

Securing your Application

•Authenticating Users Using LDAP
•Configuring your Application for Single-Sign On
•Preventing SQL Injection Attacks
•Preventing Cross-Site Scripting
•Using Session State Protection

Monitoring and Managing your Application

•Using Prepackaged Monitoring Capabilities
•Monitoring Activity of your Application
•Monitoring Performance of your Application
•Tuning your Application

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