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Advanced Server OSX Exeter

  • Price £597.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


This is the course that fills the skills gap to make you an expert in configuring, administrating and troubleshooting OS X Server.

OS X 10.8 Advanced Server is a 2-day course designed to give system administrators the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a network that uses OS X Server. Students learn how to install and configure OS X Server from the command line to provide network-based services, such as file sharing, DNS, DHCP, and Profile Manager. Command line tools for efficiently managing, configuring and troubleshooting OS X server are also covered. The course uses a combination of lectures and hands-on case study exercises.


System administrators who implement and maintain networks using OS X Server. Those who are ACSA 10.6 level and want to update to 10.8.

Assumed Knowledge

Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:
Experience with OS X in a network environment
ACTC 10.8 certified
ACSA 10.6 certified

Course Content

The course will cover many advanced key topics including:
Server app: Become an expert with the standard Server app including understanding what the tool is doing behind the scenes.
Headless Server installation: Learn how to perform an install of OS X Server without a monitor
DNS & Bind: DNS is a ket service, learn how to configure and troubleshooting the DNS service
Server command line tools: Learn how to utilise the many command line tools supplied by Apple including serveradmin, systemsetup and networksetup.
File System: Learn how to manipulate the OS X File system with tools such as gpt, diskutil and hdiutil
SSH: Is a great management tool. Learn how to use it with OS X server for remote management, including how to secure the authentication with keys
Accounts: Learn how to manage and create accounts from the command line
DHCP: Learn how to configure and troubleshoot the DHCP service
OpenDirectory: Learn to use the number of command line tools to help configure and troubleshoot OpenDirectory
Postgress: Postgress is the replacement for MySQL. Most of the Apple services utilise it so its important to understand how this service works.
Profile Manager: Have a greater understanding on how this service works including auto enrollment, using the profiles command line tool and backing up/restoring the service.
File Sharing Services: Learn how configure file sharing services from the command line
Permissions: Understand how Apple implements permissions on OS X Server and how to manipulate them from the command line.
Backup: Understand how to backup and restore OS X server including the key services
Web: OS X Server hides a lot of the features available to Apache, learn how to configure and trouble shoot Apache from the command line.
Caching Service: This is a new service recently added to OS X Server. Learn why this is a great service, how it works and how to troubleshoot it.
FireWall: Learn how to implement the various firewalls in OS X Server using tools such as IPFW and pf.
Certificates: Certificates play an important part in securing OS X Server. Learn how certificates work, how to configure and install your own certificates and how to troubleshoot certificates.

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