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Fundamentals of Information Assurance in HMG Exeter

  • Price £500.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


 The objective of the course is to provide a comprehensive but necessarily high level overview of Information Assurance and how it is addressed within HMG organisations and commercial supply chain companies. It will provide delegates with an initial understanding of the basic concepts and language of Information Assurance so that they can subsequently work directly in this complex field or work indirectly with security professionals. This course contributes to the attainment of the CESG Certified Professional Scheme (CCPS) and the following specific CCP roles at the Practitioner level.

The course is related to other Information Assurance courses and provides the basis for the Information Assurance Risk Management for HMG and the Introduction to Accreditation courses. Where appropriate this course links to aspects covered in both of those courses, such as how risk management can be conducted and the possible role in that process of an Accreditor.

The course objectives are:

To give delegates an overview of what Information Assurance is, what it comprises, the terminology used and why it is relevant to them.
To explain what the nature of cyber security threats are and how they can be realized.
To describe information risk management and explain how it can be used to mitigate risks to the business.
To tell delegates where they can get advice and guidance on all aspects of security.

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