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IPv6: An Introduction Glasgow

  • Price £1,095.00
  • Duration 2 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


With ever more IP addresses needed due to mobile communications devices, computers and other terminals connected to the Internet, the inherent limitations of IPv4 are being recognised. Issues such as security and a greater number of addresses are real issues now, and need to to be addressed. This course provides a technical overview to the aspects of IPv6 and the differences with IPv4.


Delegates must have an solid understanding of IPv4 and data networking to fully understand the differences outlined within this course. This can be gained by attending Hands On TCP/IP and Internet Protocols.


See Course Content

Course Content

The need for a new IP
A brief history of the Internet Protocol
The issues
Is it urgent?

An overview of IPv4
TCP/IP layers
IP addressing
The IP Protocol
Address resolution
Transport protocols
Application Services

Problems with IPv4
Addressing and routing
Configuration and mobility
Service Type

The major changes
Base Header format
Extension Headers

Addressing and Routing
The IPv6 address
Address Types
Unicast addresses
Multicast addresses
Anycast addresses
Provider based addressing
Inter Domain Routing
Intra Domain Routing

Plug and Play
Stateless autoconfiguration
Stateful autoconfiguration
Address Resolution
Comparing Mobile IPv4 and IPv6
The role of 128 bit addresses in ensuring mobile access
Mobile IP security issues

Authentication and Privacy
Encryption and Authentication under IPv6

Quality of Service
Predicting the impact of Ipv6 on higher layer protocols
Does IPv6 give true Quality of Service?
Examining the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)

The Transition
Are IPv4 and IPv6 really interoperable?
Selecting the best migration strategy
The 6-bone

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