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CAS(T) Lead Auditor Conversion Maidenhead

  • Price £750.00
  • Duration 1 day(s)
All major credit cards accepted


The CESG Assured Service (Telecoms) (CAS(T)) scheme has been developed to assess Telecom services to the 2-2-4 Business Impact Levels (2 for Confidentiality and Integrity, and 4 for Availability), primarily in support of the Public Sector Network programme.

Course Content

The course is a mixture of lectures, workshop exercises and discussion groups covering the following areas:

Overview of the Scheme and Standards

  • Describe the CAS(T) core documents
  • Understand the relationship between ISO 27001, the scheme documents and the OFCOM/BIS minimum standards

Audit Process & Documentation

  • Select audit teams and plan and conduct audits in line with the requirements of CAS(T)
  • Manage joint ISO 27001 and CAS(T) audits.
  • Ensure that implementers comply with the additional scheme guidance in line with scheme policy.

Availability Aspects

  • Validate that the scoping and availability requirements of the security procedures are being met, using a technical expert to assist as appropriate

Auditing Criteria

  • Apply the principles of the scheme to aggregation of service slices and demarcation of services, using a technical expert to assist as appropriate.

Maintaining Certification

  • Understand the process of maintaining certification and extending certification scope.

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